Vishwaroopam 2 Review: Kamal Hassan Set To Entertain With This Spy Film Sequel !

Review of Kamal Hassan’s latest movie in the Vishwaroopam franchise.

JustInReviews as always, is here with a movie review. This time, it will be Vishwaroopam 2 review.

With a long weekend approaching, you can go through this movie review and decide whether to go for this one or not.

Kamal Hassan is back with the sequel of his spy based film in the form of Vishwaroopam 2, and his fans are all excited!

Secret agent Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri otherwise known as Vis’s story goes ahead over here. The film begins with Vis (Kamal) inside a plane with the two leading women in Ashmita (Andrea Jeremiah.) and Nirupama (Pooja Kumar). Vis’ face is sewed up, and he keeps up this battered, restless, as of late hospitalized appearance for a large portion of the film. Nirupama being his better half, Ashmita appears intrusive and coquettish to such a degree, to the point that it indicates of Vis having a one-sided open relationship with his better half (which isn’t actually open…)


As expected, Kamal reaches for the sky. There’s a submerged sequence; cars tumbling around you, and the works. Kamal doesn’t give us an opportunity to sit back, think and question if the scene was conceivable. In any case, the outcome has been shot elegantly.

One can’t help but feel that Vishwaroopam 2 has a bit too many sub-plots to make it confusing at times. Will the battered and wounded Vis rescue London and the UK? No stress, his better half, who’s actually a nuclear oncologist, all of a sudden shreds her coy nature and turns into an action. Meanwhile, he easily saves Delhi from a bomb blast, and towards the climax, when more of bombs scare him and his family, not in any case the beatings and wounds of a lifetime will prevent Kamal from liberating his chains and overcoming his foes.

The dialogues sound brand Kamal Haasan, and as somebody who has taken after and made the most of his work, they prove to be a riot of sorts. Dialogues has dependably been this man’s strength and he puts it to effective use.

As far as the performances go, they are good.

All in all, through the Vishwaroopam franchise, Kamal Haasan has shown us that spy films need not be just action packed ones. This is what the critics would love about Vishwaroopam 2. Most probably, something that pure-action fans would find to be disappointing.

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