5 Top Android Games of 2018: Play The Best !!!

Try your hands at these top 5 Android games of 2018.

Shifting a bit from our smartphone reviews, JustInReviews has dedicated this blog to Android based games and we are going to mention here, some of the top Android games going around in the market.


  1. The Room: Old Sins:

The Room: Old Sins happens to be the most recent puzzle game from Fireproof Games and the fourth in the awarded ‘The Room’ puzzle game series. In this, the player explores the house of an ambitious engineer who has disappeared when you discover a fairly characteristic doll-house in the storage room.

The graphics work and sound meet up to bring about a creepy vibe as you carefully assess intricate objects and discover secrets to assists you on your adventure.

  1. Dissembler:

The Dissembler appears to be an abstract and colourful game that, from the initial stint, might appear to be another traditional tile-swapping match three android game. Rather, Dissembler uncovers itself to be amongst those puzzle games that nearly rises above the class, offering an unwinding exploring of patterns in the form of abstract designs.

A count of 120 puzzles to choose from, with no time constraints, move limits and in addition, no ads to deal with, no wonder this one is featuring on the list of best android games.

  1. PUBG Mobile:

It’s truly a pleasant surprise how well PUBG Mobile performs on the Android. This happens to be a large scale PvP fight royale game that facilitates 100 players standing against each other on a big island stacked with ammunition, weapons, vehicles and tactical suits. You enter into it as a single player or as a team and should utilize the best of your skills to bring down your rivals until you’re the sole person standing.

The developers of the game have simplified the process of choosing and managing items for mobile players. It additionally enables you to downsize the graphics so that the players can appreciate a smooth gaming experience even while playing on an older gadget.

  1. Reigns: Her Majesty:

Reigns was said to be amongst the best Android mobile games back in 2016. In fact, it won the first ever Google Play Indie Games contest.

In the Reigns, you represent the lord of the land and settle on choices that influence four elements of the kingdom: the people, the church, the armed forces, and the imperial wealth. The goal of a player is to keep each of the four aspects in balance — in case any meter fills to the maximum or is altogether exhausted, your reign is finished… and another rule starts!

The sequel plays to the same theme as that of the first game, however, this time around you happen to be the Queen rather than the King. What’s new then? A number of new mechanics on offer.

  1. Framed 2:

Be prepared for exclusive comic book styled fun in Framed 2! This is an independent prequel to the trend setter mobile game ‘Framed’ created by Hideo Kojima in 2014.

As the story unfurls, player controls the action through rearranging the comic book panels to enable your character to advance through each section. It can be called as an unique approach to play a game and is dissimilar to whatever else you’ve likely played on Android. It possesses a cool and noir appearance and feel to it, along with an intriguing story so that you stay hooked.

With the best names in terms of android games, now in your kitty, what are you waiting for? Get them and start playing!

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