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  • Excellent value
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  • Sound is nothing special

It’s review time and JustInReviews brings to you the Amazon Echo review, under the technology review category.

Two years post its introduction, the technology that motivated majority copycat smart speakers and generated a huge number of integration is undergoing a makeover. The “all-new” Echo from Amazon has become smaller and less expensive and claims to offer a better sound.

  • Looks:

Not just shorter, it happens to be wider and it has a fabric outer layer rather than a plastic exterior with a finish that is metallic in nature. The brand comes with six changeable shells for this new device, including a fabric that is lighter, dark and light wood veneers and a sparky silver one. Buyers can choose from any of these as your Echo’s main cover, rather than buying a different shell altogether.


As far as the looks go, contrasted with the previous Amazon Echo, this transformed one is to some degree squat. The first one resembled a tall glass of water, while the present one resembles a beer mug.

A newly introduced auxiliary jack should satisfy the individuals who wish to plug the Echo to different speakers using a cable. Buttons present at the top allow you to alter volume or the microphone using hand on the off chance that you can’t or don’t desire to talk.

  • Alexa vs the Google Assistant:

Alexa appears better at understanding the user commands. E.g. In order to shuffle tunes and go to the following track post putting the playlist on, one usually needs to command Google to shuffle and skip songs in two distinct orders. But with Alexa, one simply needs to state “Alexa, play my xxxx playlist on shuffle.” or “Alexa, shuffle and skip,”. One is not able to get Google to shuffle playlist from the get – it needs be a distinct command.

Likewise, Alexa is reported to be better at dredging up melodies than the Google, which appears to simply choose from the same 25 songs in the playlist. Both these gadgets facilitate this by means of Spotify, and it’s difficult to decide if it’s the music streaming service or the aides that are leading to the issue.

Being an assistant, Alexa is said to be competent. Not exclusively is she able to smart house gadgets such as lights, instead, she is capable of taking notes, purchase stuff from Amazon, prepare shopping lists etc.

  • Performance:

The new Echo accompanies seven microphones and noise cancellation to better listen to you. Amazon’s speaker is likewise known to understand a person from a distance, even if in another room, facing far from it.

Amazon emphasizes on the Echo’s sound quality, and claims that the speaker puts to use Dolby processing in order to facilitate “crisp vocals and dynamic bass” from its 2.5-inch woofer and 0.6-inch tweeter. That appears impressive on paper, yet in a real-time scenario, it is known to sound limp in nature. Vocals are found to be fresh, however, music is reported to be sans bass, and background instruments have a tendency to get lost in the blend.

  • Rivalry:

The latest Amazon Echo faces direct rivalry not just from rival brands, but from inside Amazon itself. In the event that you as of now have a speaker that you adore and just need to include Alexa’s smarts, the Echo Dot bodes well. The individuals who are vying for better sound however would prefer not to stray from Amazon hardware ought to consider the Echo Plus, which is $50 all the more yet has a marginally bigger tweeter and a greater body that ought to provide a more rounded audio profile and enhanced resonance.

In the event that you need another assistant to deal with your life out and out, the Google Home can prove to be the right choice. However, the huge distinction happens to be the software, both Alexa and the Google Assistant function with identical smart home brands. Everything comes down to which brand you’ve put resources into. The individuals who use a Chromecast will lean towards the Google Home, while Fire TV clients can go the Echo way.

In the event that you prefer Alexa, however Amazon’s equipment abandons you feeling cold, you can try out the Sonos One. That speaker is known to deliver genuine high-quality audio along with smarts, however it comes at twice the price and is said to be difficult to set up. The Sonos is additionally reported to have been missing some of the voice command features, during its launch.

  • Price Tag:

The Amazon Echo price range begins at Rs 4,499 in India.

  • Pros:

– Smarter Alexa

– Variety of interchangeable shells

– Cheaper than the earlier one

  • Cons:

– Audio quality said to be not up to the mark

– Not much change in terms of design

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