Android 8.0 Oreo : Review Of Latest Android OS Version

Android 8.0 Oreo







  • Better Performance
  • New Interface


  • No major Upgrades

This latest technology from Android is finally out. The Android 8.0 Oreo was launched on 21st August, this year and is the current tech news that’s all over. JustInReviews gives you a look inside it, thus acquainting you with what’s new on offer.

Android 8.0, similar to its forerunner, has more in the engine changes than noticeable upgrades. There are a lot of new features, however, they’re all comparatively minor. All things considered, these new augmentations and changes demonstrate to us the amount more matured Android is presently, and they have come up with the 8.0 version you would prefer not to miss.


Android oreo

Pixel “powered by Android” boot screen is integrated:

The powered by Android” logo can be seen beneath the colorful G logo on the boot screen in case of pixel devices.

Bug fixes along with performance enhancement:

A considerable measure of early takers have marked quite a few performance upgrades and bug fixes in the last developer preview. The battery depletion issue that put a ton of people off the third dev preview looks to have been rectified and the camera dispatch delay has additionally been settled. Various different improvements have been specified around the interwebs, so, hit the remarks section on the off chance that you’ve noted anything specifically.

Revamped system app icon:

System applications have gotten a refreshed icon that resembles somewhat more Material despite the fact that it is not actualized for each case, so you’ll see the old Android head too (like, for instance, in the wallpapers or NFC service). To check it out, simply go to Settings > Apps and notifications > App info > Show system (by the means of overflow menu) and look through the rundown. Pixel gadgets get a round shaped icon by default while Nexuses get a square icon.

These were some of the enhancements in this version of Android.

All things considered, Android Oreo doesn’t have one major flashy change. It’s a minor refresh, however, it’s as yet essential in offering a durable arrangement on monitoring your gadgets “Vitals,” while additionally presenting features than influence the operating system to feel more evolved and robust than ever in the past. As usual, it’s recommended to hold up a few days when the update is accessible to ensure there are no significant bugs revealed, yet from that point forward, install away. Pixel and Nexus gadgets will get Android Oreo in the first place, trailed by gadgets from different makers in the not so distant future or one year from now (at whatever point your manufacture chooses to launch the update).


  • Enhanced performance

  • Interface is updated

  • Revamped UI


  • More within the hood changes than visible ones

  • No major changes or upgrades

That was JustInReviews for you, with a review of Android 8.0 Oreo. For more things like smartphone reviews and phone ratings, keep visiting.


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