Android P Beta 4: Catching Up With New Features and Highlights!

Android P Beta 4, what’s the latest to have happened !!!

Catching up with Android P Beta 4 technology updates, is the purpose of this blog from JustInReviews.

The previous Android P beta versions already came up with features like fresh look Emoji design,

Face plus Iris recognition in addition to the original fingerprint authentication, quick reply in case of bundled notifications etc.


What is the latest to happen? Let’s check out some of the major highlights in this technology review.


  1. Dashboard:

Dashboard forms a new feature that assists in tracking the measure of time you spend on the device. Using this one, you can check the duration for which you have used the phone for sending messages, calling, Internet surfing etc.

  1. Enhanced audio controls:

Google is going for some major updates to Android P with regards to sound controls. For instance, the volume rocker of a phone will now take charge of the media volume by default, rather than notification volumes, similar to the case in past Android versions.

  1. Adaptive brightness:

This feature makes use of A.I. to decide on your favored brightness settings. Once it comprehends your inclinations, it would then be able to make the the desired adaptations relying upon your lighting conditions.

  1. Zoom lens while selection of text:

Google removed a page straight from the Apple’s book for this feature, what can be called as a pretty useful feature. Actually, when you hold down on text in order to select it, you’ll come across a zoom lens that enables you to all the more effectively see the content you have selected.

  1. Editing of screenshot:

Google is at present including this one to stock Android — meaning gadgets such as Google Pixel etc. will benefit from native screenshot editing. Subsequent to capturing a screenshot, there’s currently a button that will appear in the notification enabling users to crop and draw on screenshots instantly!

A few pages from the Android P Beta 4 book in the form of new features and highlights. If you are looking for the smartphone reviews, then JustInReviews is the place to be.

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