Apple HomePod Review: Handling the New Speaker From Apple

Apple HomePod






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  • Audio Is Powerful
  • Use Cases That Vary


  • Ecosystem That Is Locked Down

Apple’s HomePod is on the verge of release. For those interested in buying, JustInReviews would like to present you with a preview of the gadget. Reading it would give you a complete perspective of the product.

With regards to utilizing the Apple HomePod, it’s along these lines, well, Apple in the manner you’ll utilize it. Similar to the AirPods, just hold your phone close to the unit and your handset would send across your Apple ID, Apple Music choices and enter the entire of the long-winded Wi-Fi passwords you’re confident that you recall, however, fortunately don’t need to type in.

From that point onwards, you can go out with your iPhone and your family or house members will even then have the capacity to utilize the speaker.

  • Exterior and interior:

The appearance of the Apple HomePod is found to be compact – a little, yet weighty, speaker covered with a close mesh that nearly feels rubbery in touch. The mesh is found to be lightweight to permit the sound out more viably, and the white and space gray units can be called subtle and adjusted in a downplayed way.

As far as the speaker interiors are concerned, you have a considerable measure going on – 6 microphones dedicated for Siri, 7 tweeters, a woofer alongside a custom amplifier, a motor that drives the diaphragm, plus the Apple A8 chip inside. All this as a part of latest technology from Apple.



The controls are placed on the top, with the volume + and – buttons illuminating when pressed and the primary ‘glow’ in the center showing up when the speaker is being used. This happens to be white for standard operations, yet transforms into multi-colored ala the Siri logo when you’re chatting with the assistant.

In any case, there are a couple of notable absences: it lacks a Bluetooth connection as well as an audio in port… despite the fact that Apple adding an earphone jack to this, yet not its phones, would have been a story in itself.

  • Audio quality:

Have the HomePod amidst the room and you’ll be having a 360-degree sound spreading everywhere, however, move it besides a wall and the speaker will function out what surfaces are close-by and split the audio accordingly.

According to the handlers, by and by, it just sounded quite good… as you’d anticipate from a speaker of this price range. They tuned in to Gregory Porter, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran etc. and every one of them sounded quite decent.

When the gadget was tested for the stereo mode that involved pairing two speakers, they performed just as good, with the exception of slightly being louder – utilizing two speakers didn’t appear to include any additional smarts, they just produced a more extensive sound that filled the room all the more exhaustively.

It would intrigue if two HomePod speakers could be utilized as an audio framework in case of an Apple TV, however the feasibility of that wasn’t affirmed.

  • Siri:

By just saying ‘Hey Siri’ to the speaker anytime, will enable the service – regardless of whether you’re tuning in to a melody at high volume. That is considered to be an amazing thing, and demonstration of the viability of the six microphones being utilized.

You can likewise request that Siri turn down the music, play a different playlist, or set the volume to a specific percentage to make things somewhat less demanding to hear in case you’re attempting to have a dialogue.

One can disable the ‘Hey Siri’ command from the Home App on your phone, or by just requesting that Siri quit listening. Despite the fact that Siri will twofold check that you wish to do this and you can re-start the service by pressing the button placed at the top.

Being a smart speaker that controls your house, it’s quite extensive and detects voices well. During the demo, just saying “Good morning!” turned on the ‘Morning Scene’, that switched on the lights, lifted the blinds and began with the kettle bubbling. Accomplishing something such as this needs genuine investment in your smart home, however.

One thing that Apple has not compromised is its security (every one of the requests are anonymous and encoded), and there are different approaches to shield your HomePod from being utilized abominably (incidentally or otherwise) by people around you.

  • Price:

By fixing the cost of the HomePod at $350 (around Rs. 22,200), Apple seems, by all accounts, to be trusting shoppers will consider it to be a premium gadget.

  • Release date:

Pre-orders began 13:30 on 26th January, with the units delivery date being 9th of February.

  • Pros:

– Audio is powerful

– Use cases that vary

  • Cons:

– Ecosystem that is locked down

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