Bitdefender Internet Security Review 2018: Simply Unbeatable Antivirus

Bitdefender Internet Security 2018









  • Good Protection
  • Less Performance Impact


  • Price Point

JustInReviews would like to unpack and scan the latest Bitdefender Internet Security anti-virus software for you, as a part of this review.

The Bitdefender 2018 version comes with a number of updates for the users and we will check them out over here….

The first one being the latest safe files feature: a ransomware protection module with pre-emptive blocks which are not aware of the applications form writing specific folders without explicit authorization. By default, there are perfect locations that are protected and you can include lots of extra folders as you like. It is an easy measure for preventing the ransomware if you are not aware of anything you don’t care identify.

Webcam protection is another notable addition and you can currently disable your camera completely by making sure that you cannot be spied upon or block it for your web browser.



Particular apps can be white listed by you or a quick warning can be notified if few things turn the camera on.

Apart from that, it is a very big business as usual. The software is made ideally unobtrusive by the Bitdefender’s signature Autopilot mode after it is switched on, the software checks what to block and what to include without asking you.

If your automated system’s daily security is what you are afraid of then be sure about the Bitdefender pedigree is impeccable. There is a recent malware protection test called AV-Comparatives which was only for the antivirus packages to get a 100% score and it did without a single false positive flag.

In the performance tests, Bitdefender also scored highly on a rapid basis rating for both unveiling the applications and web browsing. In the initial field-copy test did its efficiency drop down for being a bit fast.

There is also a password manager included but it is not possible for you to quickly identify it, as Bitdefender counter intuitively asks about a password database or a wallet. It operates along with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer and will manage among various PCs but once more it needs the Bitdefender software that needs to be installed and therefore it will not mesh with mobile or Mac devices.

The built-in rescue environment is a final feature which is quite ideal. There are lots of antivirus tools from a Safe USB flash drive or CD but in a smarter way, Bitdefender sets you on your disk with just a few clicks.

Along with copybook Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 tools that opened an advert for the Supreme Total Security Suite.

  • Final Verdict :

It is also assured that the retail price makes Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 which is costlier than Kaspersky but you can save a big amount by shopping for a 2016 or 2017 release of an old boxed copy.

These can be around Rs 1574 and will upgrade the current version for free by netting very recent protection at a bargain cost. The full whack is paid even if it ends up and its completely worth it for security suite by beating the effectiveness and performance.

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