Bluetooth Speakers India 2018: The Best You Can Get !

Looking for that set of speakers that are equipped with the bluetooth facility? Then this technology review from JustInReviews, is tailor-made for you. Over here, we have compared the said to be best 5 bluetooth speakers, exclusively for you.


  1. Bose SoundLink Mini II:

Reported to be one of the best sounding wireless speakers. Known to generate a profound bass, shimmering highs and a lavish midrange. While majority of the speakers are known to sound average, this one is said to be sufficient to prove that small sized speakers don’t have to compromise on the audio output.

  • Specification Highlights:

Wireless range:30 ft (10 m)

Battery life: Up to 10 hours

– Aux-in: Yes

  • Pros:

– Compact built

– Promising sound

  • Cons:

– No USB charging

– On the expensive side

  1. Creative Muvo 2C:

This mini sized Bluetooth speaker is said to be the tiniest ones, seen to possess a bass radiator, which brings about much preferable dynamic range over numerous different speakers in this price range. Besides, it’s additionally feature stuffed as far as its inputs go, enabling the listener to play music either using Bluetooth, USB, a 3.5mm jack or even put in a microSD card to listen to MP3 files in a direct manner.

  • Specification Highlights:

– 4.2 bluetooth version

– IP66 weatherproofing

  • Pros:

– Multiple input channels

– Serious bass reported

  • Cons:

– Features can prove to be complex

– No charging of gadgets over USB

  1. Marshall Killburn:

On the off chance that design and audio output are two of your most vital criteria for a Bluetooth speaker – and they ought to be – the Kilburn could be the one for you.

  • Specification Highlights:

– Battery life: Around 20 hrs

Drivers: one 4-inch woofer, two 3/4-inch dome tweeters

– USB charging present

  • Pros:

– Vintage looks

– Solid bass reported

  • Cons:

– No portable friendly

– Sans playback controls

  1. JBL Flip 4:

It appears rough, sturdy design makes it a handy on the go speaker to go with all aspects of your life without stressing your home based sound system.

Specification Highlights:

– Weatherproofing present

Frequency response: 70Hz – 20kHz

– Up to 12 hours of battery life

  • Pros:

– Rugged design

– Lot’s of bass

  • Cons:

– Basic design

– Mid range reported not up to the mark

  1. UE Wonderboom:

If the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers available today is what you wish for, experts feel it’s difficult to find one better than the UE Wonderboom.

Although, told to be currently not available in India, it is expected to arrive soon.

  • Specification Highlights:

Wireless range of 100 ft (33 m)

Frequency response: 80 Hz – 20 kHz

Drivers: two 46.1mm x 65.2mm passive radiators along with two 40 mm active drivers

  • Pros:

– Waterproof

– 360 degree audio

  • Cons:

– Confined sound to an extent reported

These are the top bluetooth speakers doing the rounds, along with their specifications. Which one would you go for?

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