Canon EOS R Review: Debugging The Camera!

Canon EOS R Review



  • 30.3M Megapixel
  • Face detection function
  • High Resolution EVF Focus Peaking


  • Sans stabilization
  • A single card slot

Getting to know the latest offering from Canon, in the form of the Canon EOS R review.

The agenda for technology review from JustInReviews this time happens to be the Canon EOS review. So, attention all the photography buffs !!!

Canon has officially launched the EOS R.

The body appears to be quite thin as there’s no mirror, yet the hand-grip has remained chunky which results into it being comfortable to grip. This is vital since majority of the new RF lenses happen to be quite large and overwhelming.

Canon has made use of the Magnesium alloy in its build, with top quality rubber and plastic inserts, which results into the Canon EOS R being very premium.

Also, some weather-proofing is included, with all ports furnished by rubber flaps.

Coming along with this new product from Canon are four new RF lenses. Canon has likewise announced adapters that permit you to utilize your current EF and EF-S lenses with the new camera.

All of the RF lenses come with a control ring towards the front, which turn out to be programmable, and allow you to alter settings such as the aperture.

The 50mm is a quite a large and heavy lens, and despite the fact that it does not have stabilization, the huge aperture compensates for it. The EOS R boasts of having the capacity to focus at – 6 EV, however this is only feasible with a f/1.2 lens, utilizing the center AF point and one-shot AF.

Vloggers especially will value the totally articulating touchscreen. The 3.15-inch screen is known to have good legibility outdoors and likewise a sharp resolution of 2.1 million dots, and is receptive to touches. The LCD can likewise be utilized as a touchpad for moving the focus point while utilizing the EVF.

Canon EOS R price in India:

Canon’s debut model would come at a cost of roughly Rs. 1,57,700, in India.

Thumbs up:

30.3M Megapixel

– Face detection function

High Resolution EVF Focus Peaking

Thumbs down:

– Sans stabilization

– A single card slot

Not that we have covered every bit of it; we have definitely seen the Canon EOS R price and specification highlights, as a part of this product review from JustInReviews.

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