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Streaming Dongle



  • Reasonable Price
  • Notch Faster Streaming


  • Native Amazon Instant Video Absent
  • Limited games

We will be reviewing the Chromecast from Google, in this product review from JustInReviews. It happens to be your streaming dongle.

  • Face off:

Broadcast TV is great, yet streaming seems to hold the future and Google’s Chromecast happens to be one of the most straightforward methods for getting video streams onto your current non-smart TV – yes, even now, 2 years post its launch.

  • How does it work?

The puck connects to a HDMI port on the back of your TV, it comprises of the micro-USB, and is controlled by your current smart gadget.

You just need to open up a compatible application, and tap on the ‘Cast’ button to promptly see content being streamed on the big screen.

This model is constrained to a 1080p resolution, however, in the event that you need a Chromecast that will have the capacity to deal with 4K, check out the Chromecast Ultra.


The manner in which Google’s Chromecast deals with this is as opposed to controlling the device straightforwardly with an included remote, you rather select content on a smartphone or tablet before ‘casting’ it to your TV.

This implies as opposed to struggling to navigate a keyboard on your TV’s screen you can rather rapidly and effectively discover content utilizing your phone’s keyboard.

  • Design:

The new Chromecast is called as an impressive accomplishment of engineering. Antennas are wound along the outside to augment reception, while within packs enough fundamental hardware to get things set up and run easily.

The shell is a major takeoff from the USB stick-style original, and it’s the thing you may either like or dislike, contingent upon where the Chromecast gadget stops in your media center.

Chromecast’s colour variety of Coral (Red) and Lemonade (Yellow). These hues feature the top side of the disc that will hang down from the HDMI port on the rear portion of your TV. You’ll discover the Chrome logo proudly decorated on the top, and just a single port along the base that connects with a micro-USB cable utilized for power.

It’s on the small side – with the dimensions of 2.04 x 2.04 x 0.53 inches (51.9 x 51.9 x 13.49mm), it unquestionably fits in the palm of your hand – and the change from a plastic body to a hanging disc happens to be a practical one, basically performing an indistinguishable function from the extender Google offered with the first Chromecast.

The final two critical points of interest on the design is the little reset button along the external edge that works like a status LED, and the magnetic rear that permits the HDMI cable to stick to enable easy transportation.

  • Performance:

As far as both performance and content are concerned, the latest technology Chromecast is said to be superior to anything its forerunner at any point was. Besides, with new applications arriving each month, the latest and upgraded Chromecast application that assists with content discovery and the 802.11ac Wi-Fi antenna, Chromecast is a smart, speedier and superior than it’s at any point been.

All around, the performance is greatly improved on the new Chromecast. Videos load quicker and crash less while utilizing applications like YouTube and Netflix, while songs switch with less dead air while utilizing Pandora, Tidal etc.

Be that as it may, in spite of some significant enhancements to the area, streaming as yet isn’t completely unblemished. You’ll infrequently need to disconnect and reconnect to the device to kick off a laggy video and at times, video can feel somewhat lagging behind the sound.

  • Content:

The major point that is required to be made about content is that each application that works with the first Chromecast will work with the new Chromecast and the other way around. The Chromecast 2 can’t generally do anything the first one can’t – it simply does it in a quick manner.

The new technology application guarantees an all inclusive search function that, as Roku or Android TV, enables you to either type in or spell the name of a motion picture and TV show and Chromecast will come up with a rundown of each source for that content. This can at last spare you cash by showing you content on the services you as of now pay for all at once, rather than separately going into each application or unintentionally dropping cash on something you already paid for on another platform.

At long last, the guest mode is the other new, striking feature that will permit friends of friends and distant family interface with your gadget without being on your Wi-Fi network.

  • Price:

The Chromecast comes at a price of around Rs 3,399

  • Pros:

– Notch faster streaming

– Reasonable price

– Attractive design

  • Cons:

– Remote control not present

– Limited games

– Native Amazon Instant Video absent

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