Digital Voice Recorder Review: A Pen That Records !

Digital Voice Recorder Pen


Digital Voice Recorder





  • Multipurpose pen
  • Affordable

Presenting before you, the Digital Voice Recorder Pen review

JustInReviews has brought to you, the product review of this unique product.

Guess what?

It is a recording pen !!!

  1. Introduction:

The Digital Voice Recorder Pen isn’t your traditional writing pen. It happens to be an all-in-one writing tool which you can use to record both visuals and audio.

This gadget seems, by all accounts, to be quite your ordinary pen so that the members in your team who are under a scanner won’t see you’re recording them word for word.

The Digital Voice Recorder Pen is a handy gadget that records audio, meetings, discussions, surveillance, and other noteworthy situations.

  1. Key features:

– Supports MP3 audio format

– Comes with 8GB memory

– Affordable price

– Recording time of 32 hours

– Powered using a lithium battery

– Multipurpose pen with high quality

– Has a built-in microphone for excellent recording

Thanks to the latest technology developments, that we are able to have such kind of utility devices.

  1. Uses:

– Jot down essential notes amid a meeting using this pen, and in the meantime, record the voices of key-individuals who talk at the conference.

– Indeed, even vital phone calls and surveillance should be possible by this light pen that is the reason it’s so popular particularly amongst the managers and officials of organizations.

– Do you have to record your child’s project and submit it later to his teacher as he is excessively shy making it impossible to have his voice recorded? Utilize this recorder pen as though you’re simply requesting your child to recite while you tune in and pretend to write something. Your shy child won’t see you’re recording him or her as he or she recites.

– Secretaries ought to invest into a pen like the 8GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen. While getting directions and transcriptions from their boss, there’s no easy route than recording the instructions without them being noticed.

  1. Price:

It comes at a price of approx. Rs 2560.

  1. Pros:

– Recording for a number of hours is possible

– Has a built in microphone

– Affordable price

  1. Cons:

– Restricted to just MP3 format

– Catches almost all sounds including the background sound

– Comes with an Asian format and therefore needs to be formatted in English in order to understand.

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