Top Digital Watches List in India 2020

Although analog watches have been on the scene for years, digital watches are comparatively a newer offering. The thing about them is that they bring along a complete range of timekeeping features accompanied by enhanced security as compared to their analog/mechanical predecessors. The reason behind them being so popular today.

What’s the difference?

An Analog Watch

In simple terms, an analog watch is the one that shows the time with the help of hands-on the dial. So basically, mechanical structures are involved in them.

Digital Watch

A digital watch is the one that shows time in the form of numbers and/or digits. Generally on an LED screen. Usually, digital watches happen to convey time in a 24-hour format. Unlike analog watches, these have electronic structures in them. E.g. liquid crystal etc.

Types of digital watches

Digital watches these days, come in a variety of types and can be classified under different categories. Speaking about the broad division, they can be basically classified into digital watches for men and digital watches for women. Going further, the different types of watches available under these two categories include waterproof digital watches, sports digital watches, etc. One can go for these based on the requirements and the purpose.

After getting an overview of the various types of digital watches, let’s check out some of the prominent trends associated with this sector.

Latest trends to look for

  • The demand for digital watches is growing, if we consider the young consumer. Thanks to their awareness with regard to smartphone technology. Well known and established brands such as Timex and Casio have come up with their product lines like the Command Watch and G-Shock series. Even tech giants like Apple went ahead and transformed what could be called Apple digital watches into Apple smartwatches which are extremely popular today. Especially amongst youngsters.
  • The leading brands are investing continuously in the research and development for product innovations with the aim to bring together some features of smartwatches and the enhanced battery life of digital watches.
  • Digital watches are becoming more feature-packed and high utility these days, with more on offer every time.

Now that we are aware that the digital variety is trending as far as watches are concerned, we would like to bring to you, a list of some of the best digital watches.

Top Digital Watches 2020 You Got To Know About

Casio G-Shock GA 100

This one from Casio is a heavy 51mm watch that is built for rough use. Its anti-magnetic nature helps in accurate timekeeping irrespective of where you go. It comes with a stealth black design and offers 29 time zones. The watch has got a pre-programmed calendar till 2099.

Timex Expedition

A good watch that portrays both the strengths and benefits of a digital watch. Its large screen will not just make it easy for you to read the time easily, but one can find the rest of the functions as well. These include a compass, temperature function, stopwatch, and an altimeter.

A utility gadget for travelers and explorers. One that would let them know where they are in terms of location, time and environment.

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar

A result of the Swiss going digital! One with a titanium body, this digital watch has got 20 different kinds of features (weather forecasts, compass, etc.). The device is water-resistant up to 100m with a Swiss-made quartz movement. It has got a solar watch face! The strap varieties include leather, silicone, and titanium.

Braun Prestige Digital

A watch for all those who prefer a retro design. This has got an attractive one. It has got a stainless steel case along with a bracelet. The EasySkroll operating system it runs on can be updated with time. The 42mm case is water-resistant up to a depth of 30 meters.

Fastrack 38045PP03 Trendies Watch

The worth mentioning things, in this case, include a modern design with attractive and utility functions. A design that goes well with casual wear. The water resistance is up to a depth of 100m. It comes with a 1-year warranty. Known to have a good quality build, some of the features on offer are a stopwatch, day display, and alarm.

As far as the digital watch prices go, a complete range is on offer from the above brands. So, one can choose one based on factors like budget, requirements, purpose, etc.

With all this information now with you, go for a suitable digital watch and flaunt it.

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Happy shopping!

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