Fitbit Ionic Review: What Has It Got For The Fitness Freaks ?

Fitbit Ionic




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  • good display
  • battery backup


  • design
  • operating system


Reviewing the Fitbit Ionic for all the fitness freaks.

JustInReviews would like to help you in making a fitness resolution for the new year. Yes, we have come up with a health product review for you. Check out this Fitbit Ionic review and take a step forward towards your resolution.

  • Design and Hardware:

It adheres to the Fitbit custom of a lightweight design, however, it’s thicker than you’d anticipate. It is 50 grams in weight, close to the ZenWatch 3, Watch Style and Gear Sport. The Ionic has an aluminum frame separated by antenna lines for the inherent GPS. The casing has a matte surface, and from far away, you can’t predict if it’s metal or plastic.


For some, the buttons appear to be to a great degree shoddy. They are said to squirm and feel spongy post pressing. Fitbit could likely have made this work with lesser number of physical buttons.

The majority portion of the face is taken up by the 1.42-inch LCD screen. Beneath the screen is Fitbit’s logo decorated on a vacant segment of bezel. The bezel on alternate sides of the screen is likewise very substantial, however, not symmetrical.

The screen resolution of the gadget is 348×250, which is acceptable for a LCD of this size. It looks sufficiently clear, however you can make out the pixels on the off chance that you look carefully. The brightness is sufficient for outside use, and it comes with an ambient light sensor.

  • Performance:

The interface is said to be recognizably sluggish and shaky, and applications at times take a couple of moments to launch. There’s additionally no alternative for keeping the display on constantly. There’s simply the always-on workout option. The watch is at times unwilling to wake up when the wrist is lifted up. The kind of movements that different watches would accurately recognize as “looking at the watch” are most of the times disregarded by the Ionic.

  • Battery backup:

On the off chance that battery life is your essential worry for a wearable gadget, at that point the Ionic may be precisely what you need. Where it falls short in the speed aspect, it compensates for longevity. Since the display turns off when you’re not currently taking a look at it, you get good battery life. It normally keeps going around 4 days on a single charge.

  • Software specification:

The application list can be accessed with a swipe over to the right hand side. The watch accompanies pre-installed clients for alarms, climate, Strava, starbucks and a couple of different health dedicated applications.

Fitbit Ionic has come up with a developer SDK accessible for the Ionic, yet the application gallery is at present supplied just with apps from Fitbit and its partners. That is expected to change later, however, at present, it’s difficult to tell how great or awful the applications will be. One can expect the applications to be exceptionally simple. This watch has a little screen and no extra navigation input. The most complex application on the watch at the present time is the waether application, which is only a long, scrollable rundown. Most others are a solitary screen, perhaps with a few functions that are button controlled on the right side.


There’s one application that merits somewhat more consideration—Fitbit Pay. While there’s a passage for “Wallet” in the application list, the feature is termed Fitbit Pay, and it can be accessed from any of the screens by delayed-pressing of the left button. This quickly initiates the watch’s NFC radio, enabling you to pay for things in stores that are compatible to both Apple Pay and Android Pay. Those who have tried this facility with a prepaid card, have claimed that it works just fine.

  • Monitoring:

Post you hit the gym, press the lower right button to begin an exercise. The watch incorporates different modes such as weights, running and swimming. When you begin an exercise, that is all the watch does until the point that you’re done; the interface is altogether assumed control by your exercise. The Ionic displays a clock, heart rate, and different details, yet you have to end the exercise to access any of these. There’s likewise a choice to keep the screen ON amid an exercise. The watch remains alert for some time, and after that the screen doses off yet again.

The Fitbit Ionic can likewise be utilized for tracking sleep, however this appears like a touch of an idea in retrospect. You need to initiate sleep tracking from the phone application, which at that point imports data from the watch. You can schedule reminders and schedules for the sleep mode, yet for what reason not in any event have a sleep application on the watch?

  • Pricing:

This latest technology smartwatch is priced at $ 299 i.e. approx. Rs. 19,709.

  • The Good:

– Impressive battery backup

– Fast band swaps is possible

– Good display

  • The Unsatisfactory:

– Design is said to be not up to the mark

– O.S. is said to be on the slower side

– Syncing music to the watch is inconvenient

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