Fossil Q Machine Hybrid Review: The Next Gen Watch!

Fossil Q Machine Hybrid Watch



  • Good battery life
  • Optimal sleep tracking reported


  • App could have been better
  • Distance tracking reported not accurate

Reviewing the next gen watch in Fossil Q Machine Hybrid Review.

The latest technology in the world of smartwatches is said to be the Fossil Q Hybrid, and JustInReviews is here with its review. Going ahead with exploring it…

  • Appearance:

The Fossil Q Machine can without much of a stretch appear as a regular wristwatch at first look. It comes with a big 45mm case having a crown and two buttons towards the right hand side. The crown additionally has a button over it. However, can’t be pulled out similar to the other customary watches. The buttons on both sides are big in size and follow a pattern that makes them simple to find without taking a look!

  • Battery:

A major positive for the Fossil Q Hybrid Machine is its battery life. While you’ll have to charge a smartwatch or a wellness tracker following two to three days, the Fossil Q Machine can run for a number of months. Likewise, when the battery drains out, it is simple and cheap (between Rs. 150 and Rs. 250) to replace.

  • Features:

The Fossil Q Machine isn’t a smartwatch yet more close to a watch with fitness tracking features. On the off chance that you are originating from a smartwatch, this gadget can be a bit of disappointing initially. You will become accustomed to its notifier functionality in few days time.

The Fossil Q Machine syncs with your smartphone, by means of Bluetooth. Post pairing, the watch synchronizes time with the phone.

Fossil has additionally included the notification feature into the Q. It is equipped with a vibration motor, however, since a display isn’t present, it results into movement of the watch hands.

The user has to set an objective for the number of steps you are planning to cover every day, and the needle on the smaller watch-face will indicate to the level of your goal percentage that you have accomplished. For a more precise number, you will need to launch the Fossil Q application on your smartphone.

  • Price:

At a price tag of Rs. 13,495, the Fossil Q Hybrid watch cannot be called that much expensive as compared to a routine Fossil watch.

  • The Good:

– Good battery life

– Optimal sleep tracking reported

  • The Bad:

– App could have been better

– Distance tracking reported not accurate

With this, we come to the end of the Fossil Q Machine Hybrid review. Tune in to JustInReviews, for smartphone reviews as well.

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