God Of War Review: Exploring The Revamped Playing Zone

God Of War


God Of War


Action Game



  • Rich visuals
  • Intriguing Narration
  • Solo-Camera Shooting Style


  • Scope For Skill Tree Elaboration
  • Enemies Can Come With More Variety

JustInReviews would be taking you into a different arena altogether, in this product review. An exciting one for all the gaming lovers! Presenting you with a review of the “God Of War” game.
Stationed in a new, Norse mythology enlivened world and featuring a commonplace however insightfully rethought character, God of War’s fish-out-of-Greek-water story can be termed as a relentless upsurge of emotions. It’s altogether confined by one persistent camera shot that never moves away or takes the concentration off of its core: Kratos’ association with his young child, Atreus. In any case, the story additionally envelops a permanent supporting cast, a lovely world reliably rewarding to explore, and hugely fulfilling battle.
The Kratos and Atreus’ association resulted in the narrative becoming more convincing as it isn’t just about hacking down enemies and advancing through the story. They seem to share one of a kind relationship where a significantly calm Kratos tries to show his child how to kill deer and finish training and wishes to improve Atreus as a better human than himself. A portion of the biggest minutes in the game are amid heated discussions between the father and child or passionate monologues that disentangle the story in what can be called an alternate yet convincing style.

The game is known to include a greater amount of the RPG component to it when contrasted with the past portions. There happens to be a crafting framework which enables you a weapons upgrade and enhance them with different buffs and capacities, one can wear distinctive kinds of protective gear which have different stats along with the experience and leveling framework likewise returns. The more you move up level wise, the more moves and newer combos you can unlock for yourself. There’s additionally a significant accentuation on exploration and the game includes a top down map guide in the menu which has sufficient details to offer you the data you require while the within game HUD is negligible with just the Health and Rage Bar being noticeable at the base corner and a compass which depicts the direction of the following target.
Talking of the technology updates, if we can call it so, the solo-camera shot style that, unless you bite the dust, never slices once from title screen to closure credits – a subtle impact of sorts that might not strike initially. Yet, as one explores and battles the way through the story, it served to feature the power of a portion of the huge scaled creatures. By never abandoning out on Kratos, one can keep up the point of view desired to in a split second pass on the intensity of going up against an enemy 10 times his size. Furthermore, fear not, God of War still conveys the establishment’s trademark assortment of breathtaking locations, and the camera causes them radiate through in the story’s calmest minutes.
At probably the most tense and unfortunate minutes, the camera never leaves Kratos’ state of mind.
With regards to general gameplay, God of War is partially linear and partially open-world like ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’. On the off chance that you want to investigate your world and like to step up your character — it is possible. In the event that you adore playing a more straightforward format — you can do that as well. God of War is said to offer something for everybody and that is the thing that this game much more open than any time in recent memory.
The visual experience is found to be rich. It puts on display both environmental and atmospheric details that puts life into the world. The hills, vistas the creatures that occupy the land, the water are phenomenally done while likewise figuring out how to keep a steady frame-rate on the PS4. The facial hair on Kratos looks so real-time, the protective gear and clothes appear to have incredible surface work and physics and, the meticulousness on the entire world, comprising Kratos himself appears remarkable. It truly is something that you should see with your own eyes since it can be called greatly immersive.
Levels in this one are quite large and have different ways that the player can investigate to discover discretionary boss fights and loot that facilitates a good job of rewarding the player with items, money and upgrades. While this isn’t considered an open-world game, the levels themselves are very open with quick travel just accessible by the utilization of gateways at specific places that needs to be unlocked. Players additionally cross through a boat crosswise over different stages which is a decent down time amid the quick paced action and narrative overwhelming minutes and permits interaction amongst Kratos and his child. Environmental riddles additionally make an arrival however they aren’t mind breakingly difficult and assisted give players somewhat of a breather while as yet being sufficiently intriguing alone.
The combat framework appears natural and fulfilling to the majority. One can utilize the Leviathan Axe and the Shield alternatively to have some handy combos and it can be additionally extended by opening up new moves in the skill tree. Every weapon has its own particular skill tree and new moves can be unraveled by spending XP gained by murdering enemies. One can likewise utilize the Leviathan Axe for decoding puzzles at different instances in the game. User can toss the axe and have it stick to numerous deterrents and can get it back at whatever point you need. This one of a kind feature likewise assumes a critical part in unraveling puzzles and overcoming obstacles. Having said that, one feels that the skill tree could have been extended more by offering a scope of various moves instead of upgrades for the ones we’ve effectively obtained.

The frame-rate on the usual PlayStation 4 is clocked at 30fps at 1080p while on the PlayStation 4 Pro it runs at 4K 30fps with a performance mode that takes the resolution to 1080p while reaching the frame-rate at 60fps. Players without a 4K TV but having a PS4 Pro can make use of the resolution mode in order to super-sample the picture to a lower resolution. The audio is reported to be incredible with a stunning soundtrack that prevails at catching the on screen mood and uses it in an exceptionally impactful way.
To summarize, God of War at its present state can be called a visual treat combined with some wonderful music score to provide the player with a total cinematic experience. Visually, the game appears rich on the PlayStation 4 Pro and is most likely amongst the best looking games. The storytelling felt convincing and enjoyable for most of the time and has figured out how to include an addictive and fulfilling combat framework. God of War happens to be a good action-adventure game that fuses a promising cinematic like encounter each God of War fan should be getting.
The game is available on the disc in India, at a price of around Rs 4000.
– Rich visuals
– Intriguing narration
– Solo-camera shooting style
– Scope for skill tree elaboration
– Enemies can come with more variety
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