Google Assistant 2018: The Latest Updates!

If you are interested in knowing what is the latest to happen on the Google I/O front, then this JustInReviews blog on technology updates, is meant for you.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai commenced the Google I/O 2018 with a nod to the Facebook controversy. Here are some of the major announcements from the event, exclusively for you.

  1. Natural sounding voice and more:

Google Assistant is about to be updated with a more normal sounding voice, comprising of pace, pitch and pauses. All things considered, Assistant is obtaining six new voices (both male and female). Indeed, even John Legend’s voice will be provided to Google Assistant in the near future.

One of the major new features happens to be Continued Conversation, which will enable you to continue conversing with the assistant without the need to ceaselessly say “Hey, Google.”



s will likewise have the capacity to play out Multiple Actions, which implies you’ll be powered to blend diverse requests into one. Along these lines, for instance, you could turn on your oven and launch the Warriors’ game on the television in the meantime.

To help our kids learn mannerisms, Google is urging children to say “Please,” and the Assistant happens to be reacting with a positive feedback.

  • Smart Displays:

Google Smart Displays, can be purchased from this July and will be incorporated with YouTube TV. You’ll likewise have the capacity to make video calls, preview your travel and what not.

Now, Google Assistant on your mobile is empowered to perform tasks like re-order your past coffee order (you can affirm on the screen), and also say “make it hotter” and after that take to the thermostat control directly from the Google Assistant display. As it were, Google Assistant is making independent applications out of date.

  • Google Assistant goes to Google Maps:

Google Maps can now be seen making use of Google Assistant, compatible to the iOS and the Android platform this summer. The inclusion is intended to give better recommendations to the users.

The maps inclusion additionally blends the camera, computer vision technology, and Google Maps comprising of Street View. Text identification is likewise possible.

  1. Google photos enhanced with an AI boost:

Photographs are experiencing more of AI-enabled fixes such as the B&W photo colorization, brightness rectification and proposed rotations. Google Photos application new version having latest technology will recommend quick fixes and changes such as rotations, including pops of colour etc.

  1. Revamped Google News:

The look and feel is modernized, and one can catch up with headlines quickly by the means of a customized feed of news. There’s additionally bigger pictures and a superior video encounter.

Newly introduced Newstand section will offer access to in excess of 1,000 titles. Subscribe with Google gives you a chance to utilize your Google account to access paid content over the greater part of your gadgets. Google has joined hands with 60 publishers and will come up with the same soon.

Rest of the features incorporate Newscasts, which unites everything from Tweets to trailers and quotes. You can likewise bore further on topics with complete covearge. The objective here is to offer a real-time event understanding.

  1. Next generation TPU hardware:

With the race for developing customized AI hardware warms up, Google stated that it is coming up with its third generation silicon, the Tensor Processor Unit 3.0. The new TPU unit is 8x more capable than a year ago, is what Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated. With nearly 100 petaflops in performance. Google joins hands with basically every other major organization with the aim to develop custom silicon so as to deal with its machine related tasks.

  1. Launching of the ML Kit:

Google released the ML Kit, a new SDK for the application developers for the iOS and Android platforms that enables them to integrate pre-built, Google-offered machine learning models into apps. The models support face recognition, text detection, barcode scanning, landmark recognition and image labeling.

These were some of the major Google I/O 2018 updates. With these updates, there’s lots on offer from Google.

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