Google Assistant vs Alexa Vs Siri Review: Who Has The Competitive Edge?

A comparative take on Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant with respect to features, performance etc.

It’s Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant fighting it out in this technology review from JustInReviews. Who scores over whom and in what aspects? Let’s check it out.

  • Daily tasks:

Every one of the three smart assistants take to the essential daily tasks such as setting alarms and reminders, furnishing climate forecasts pretty easily. On one side, Siri and Google Assistant can make calls and send instant messages to anybody in your contact list, on the other, Alexa can just contact individuals who have signed for the Alexa calling/messaging facility.




  • Changing settings:

With regards to changing gadget settings, Siri and Google Assistant can be called ahead of Alexa. In case of both iOS and Android, Google Assistant was successful in switching on the flashlight, however, was not able to switch on mobile data. Siri figured out how to do the exact inverse while Alexa in correlation expressed “You don’t have any smart home devices to get started” in either of the cases.

  • Answering Trivias:

With a change in the past standings, Alexa simply pushed out the Google Assistant in this case. It is known to have addressed more number of questions accurately than the other two and frequently provided context as well as referred to to a source site for the information. It is told to have failed on just a couple of questions.

Siri on the other hand, was said to have fared the worst over here, in-spite of the fact that Apple has beforehand defended their product as not intended to answer trivia based questions.

  • Compatibility:

The basic experience was found to be fundamentally same over each of the three virtual assistants, however, no denial of the fact that every one of them appeared to perform their best inside their own particular environment. Google Assistant is at its best with Google Home, Google applications and Chromecast around. So also, one would need an Echo smart speaker and a Fire TV Stick to bring the most out of Alexa. Siri, on account of Apple’s shut ecosystem, is compatible only with Apple gadgets such as iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and the HomePod smart speaker, not present in India officially.

  • Music:

Music ought to be the strong point for any smart assistant. Every one of them blends with its own particular music services, and at times associates with third-party services also.

If one is subscribed to Amazon’s Music Unlimited streaming service, Alexa is known to handle your requests effectively. Google Assistant is known to provide an Internet radio station based on user request. Siri might not offer a cryptic response if you don’t possess a paid Apple Music subscription.

  • Recommendations and directions:

Each of these smart assistants can be called fit for recommending restaurants in the light of food variety and additionally location. While each of the three were reported to effectively recommend Chinese eateries near to office, only Google Assistant figured out places serving lasagna in the neighbourhood. Google Assistant likewise offers to book a table at a close-by restaurant when you reveal to it that you’re’ hungry. It provides a choice to place an order using Swiggy and get directions by means of Google Maps.

With regards to offering directions, Google Assistant is said to portray solid time estimates and guides towards each landmark tossed at it. Siri is said to face challenges in offering directions in India and a few user’s experience with Alexa for directions was told to be misguiding.

With the report card of all three in front of you, make the wise choice based on your set of demands from an assistant.

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