Google Home Max Review:Decoding It!

Google Home Max




Smart Speaker



  • Solid Bass
  • Attractive Design


  • Costly
  • Audio Prowess Ought To Be Seen

In this technology review from JustInReviews, we will be decoding the Google Home Max for you. Yes, the speaker from Google!

In case you’re looking for a huge, room-engulfing sound with voice control, the Google Home Max in all probability is your best option currently. While Amazon’s Alexa has the most loved smart assistant ecosystem, in case you’re looking for music and home control, as opposed to Alexa’s big snatch bag of random third-party abilities, the Max forms a must have core of a smart home.

  • Design:

The Home Max looks simple and elegant. Its smooth finish has rounded edges and an exquisite fabric speaker grille that is installed in such a manner that it would seem that it and the encompassing matte plastic are one piece. The cloth material has a slight shine to it, and white LEDs gleam behind its surface to show volume levels. A surrounding light sensor alters the brightness of the LEDs. Underneath the grille, a double 0.7-inch tweeters and dual 4.5-inch woofers deliver the sound.

With the dimensions of 7.5 by 13.3 by 6.1 inches (HWD), the Home Max gadget can be brought in white/light gray (“chalk”) or black/gray (“charcoal”) variants. It’s quite heavy, weighing up to 11.7 pounds, however that is alright since it isn’t intended to be a portable device.



The center of the top panel is delineated with a short straight line, which forms the play/pause button. These controls happen to be responsive, at the same time, obviously, you can likewise simply converse with the Home Max. You can state, “set volume,” from one to ten, or utilize percentages.

Alongside the back board, a mic switch is located—this switches the mic for Google Assistant and the speaker-phone on and off. The speaker uses a series of six far-field mics to get your voice orders from a distance.

  • Performance on The Audio Front:

This latest technology in Home Max appears good and functions admirably, however, how does it sound? In case of tracks with intense sub-bass content, it is known to convey a powerful low frequency response. In case of top volumes, it doesn’t distort, however, you can hear the digital signal processing (DSP) kick in a little to disperse the profound bass.

Accordingly, at more moderate levels, one gets a rounder, complete sense of bass depth. Actually, for a speaker this size—not small, but rather not enormous—you get a lopsidedly full bass reaction.

Orchestra based tracks are reported to sound superb, however, the Google Home Max—the higher register strings, brass and vocals are conveyed with brightness and the lower register instrumentation gets some additional, unpretentious bass depth. At the point when sub-bass minutes occasionally happen in the blend, the speakers output them with full-bodied presence that doesn’t contend with the highs for the spotlight.Contrasted with some of the standard wireless speakers in this cost range, similar to the Klipsch The Three and the JBL Boombox, the Home Max is without a doubt a contender.

The Home Max is known to convey an amazing listening experience that can be in the same league as speakers from these brands, which is particularly noteworthy when you factor in the voice control.

  • Setting It Up:

The Max isn’t only a speaker, obviously. In fact, it’s a Google Assistant speaker. You set it up utilizing the Google Home application on your iOS or Android gadget (yes, you require a phone), and afterwards say, “Hey, Google,” in order to play music, handle smart home gadgets, or answer web based queries.

Google Assistant is known to be a handy whole-home system. It can perceive up to six distinct voices for various Google accounts, synchronize music amongst rooms, and even communicate messages to the greater part of the Google Home gadgets in your home.

  • Price:

The price of Google Home Max happens to be approx. Rs. 26,000.

  • Pros:

– Solid bass

– Functions as a part of entire home audio system

– Attractive design

  • Cons:

– Costly

– Audio prowess ought to be seen

All in all, in the event that Google Assistant is a need and strong audio performance is likewise high on your rundown, you would not be disappointed with the Home Max.

Until the next time when we return with yet another product review, its goodbye from JustInReviews.

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