Google Pixel 2: The First Impression !

Google Pixel 2







  • Bright and Clear Display
  • Dual speakers


  • Quite High Priced
  • Headphone Jack Is Missing

Google Pixel 2 is about to arrive in India, later this month. Eying this, JustInReviews offers you the first look of this gadget from Google.

  • Design:

With the Pixel 2, the converging of the glass and metal is significantly more unpretentious, making for an alluring completion which looks and feels incredible in the hand.

Google’s shifted the fingerprint scanner down on the Pixel 2, removing it from the glass square and onto the main metal body.

It’s a decent move as well, as it decreases the amount of fingerprint smudges, you get on the back glass, something which was exceptionally recognizable on the black original Pixel.

  • Display:

Google touts some astute highlights including wisely turning off a few pixels when they’re not required to they remain dark. The Pixel 2 display is additionally dependably on so you get info. at whatever point you require it, including a latest technology called Now Playing (elite to the Pixel) which can recognize what music you’re tuning in to from a database of 10,000 tunes without the need to contact Google over the web.

google pixel 2

  • Cameras:

There’s a 12MP back camera on the Google Pixel 2 and it brags a portrait mode to equal the one found on any semblance of the iPhone 8 Plus.

In any case, rather than utilizing two cameras to get the obscured background impact, the Pixel 2 oversees it with simply the single sensor.

  • Storage and processor:

The Snapdragon 835 is supported by a 4GB of RAM which is average for a top of the line gadget and there’s presently twofold the beginning storage at 64GB. You can move up to 128GB if its all the same to you paying £100 more for the smartphone.

You should consider which storage variant to pick, as the Pixel 2 as yet doesn’t offer expandable storage like the majority of the Android world. In any case, you do get some free memory for photographs and video.

  • Battery Power:

Similar to almost every phone out there, the Pixel 2 has a sufficient sized battery however it’s probably not going to last anybody longer than a day of normal utilization. This is the underlying impression which can be tested obviously. Google says it provides ‘all-day’ power.

  • Availability:

One can pre-order the Pixel 2 from today (4th October) while the Google Pixel 2 launch date is currently fixed for October 19 in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Germany and India.

  • Pricing:

At Rs. 61,000 cost in India, Pixel 2 is placed somewhat lower than the base model of iPhone 8 (Rs. 64,000), while the Pixel 2 XL costs Rs. 73,000 for the 64GB memory variant, again lesser than the Rs. 77,000 sticker price of iPhone 8 Plus. The 128GB versions of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are priced in India at Rs. 70,000 and Rs. 82,000 respectively.

  • Plus:

– Display is bright and clear

– Front facing dual speakers

– A premium water resistant gadget

  • Minus:

– Quite high priced

– Headphone jack is missing

JustInReviews would return with smartphone reviews and technology updates.

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