Honor 10 Review: The Smartphone That Claims To Have AI All Over It !

Honor 10




Honor Series





  • Compact And Sleek design
  • Efficient Cameras
  • Reflective Rear Side


  • Not A Waterproof Device
  • Lacks MicroSD Support
  • Tends To Heat Up

Want to know about the Honor 10 smartphone? Well, here’s your chance. In this smartphone review from JustInReviews, we will be putting the Honor 10 under scanner.

Sister brand of Huawei has as of late launched the Honor 10 in India. Artificial Intelligence- AI is the latest trend and marketing buzzword at present, and Honor states to have fused AI technology into majority aspects of the Honor 10 – right from intelligent scene identification and face recognition within the camera application, to UI improvements in its custom skin, EMUI 8.1.

Now, let’s start checking out the various aspects of this phone.

  • Design architecture:

It acquires a comparative look to the Twilight gradient-effect Huawei P20, yet it can be called marginally unique here, giving you an alternate shade and look contingent upon what angle you see the rear of the device from.

It appears to show an intense look, which one would cherish, despite the fact that it’s a look that is probably going to be divisive as it looks quite unconventional. There happens to be a metal trim alongside the edges of the gadget, which contributes to the elite appearance and feel, accompanying a 3.5mm headphone jack and USB-C port at the base with the volume control/power button placed on the right-hand edge. The back glass is the other major feature in terms of design as it utilizes 15 layers of glass to obtain a striking effect where light beams ricochet crosswise over it.


Image Source:Google.com

The revamped scanner, which, rather than being on the back side or indented to be at the front of the device, now places itself in the lower bezel however beneath the glass, so it’s flush alongside the screen. There happens to be a subtle capsule shaped design so you know where to put your finger to hit the scanner, and it was discovered to work precisely and quick – it doesn’t give off an impression of being any less accurate because of being beneath the glass.

It comes in the Phantom Blue shade along with a Phantom Green option as well. If you are not the one for such exotic colours, you can fall back on the conventional black and glacier grey options.

  • Display:

The Honor 10 comes with a 5.84-inch IPS LCD + full-HD panel having an aspect ratio of 19:9 and a pixel density of 432ppi. You can pick amongst FHD+ and HD+ inside the settings menu keeping in mind the end goal to save battery life, or set it to the auto mode and allow the phone to choose for itself.

Similarly, as with most of the recent Honor smartphones, the display appears bright, distinctive and punchy, and has good viewing angles. It is found to be a bit reflective however, which enables under the sky clarity somewhat of an issue. This is the area where one sees the need for technology updates. A Quad-HD display would have adjusted off the package pleasantly, however the lower resolution can’t generally be observed in case of everyday use.

  • Battery life:

Honor has expanded the battery size in the Honor 10 as compared to the Honor 9, from 3,200mAh to 3,400mAh. While that may resemble ala improvement, be that as it may, it’s important to note that the screen size is more here, so there are more pixels to power.

It is found that the smartphone will for the most part keep going an entire day on a solitary charge. The Honor 10 accompanies a quick charging however, and one finds that this could completely charge the device in less than two hours. Wireless charging is not present on the Honor 10, yet that is an additional feature one wouldn’t generally hope to see on this sort of less expensive lead device from a brand.

  • Hardware:

The Honor 10 has got 6GB RAM, a non-removable battery, and 128GB memory which can’t be increased. Connection alternatives incorporate Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, GLONASS, GPS, NFC, 4G VoLTE, a 3.5mm earphone jack and a USB Type-C port (USB 2.0 speed). The cell phone likewise comes with a digital compass, gravity sensor, ambient light sensor, Hall sensor and a gyroscope. It is a dual SIM phone, however, just a single at any given moment can keep running at 4G speed – the other one is constrained to 3G speed.

  • Cameras:

The phone has got a dual sensor rear camera with 16MP and 24MP sensors. The highlight being the 22 automatic camera modes for various scenarios.

  • Performance:

Handlers have said that the gadget handled everything tossed at it neatly, whether heavy games like Asphalt 8, fundamental everyday tasks, or concentrated workloads. Calls seemed clear and with crisp sound and 4G network was reported to be strong, even in regions known to have scrappy availability. On the other hand, the cell phone had a tendency to get quite hot, to the extent of it becoming unpleasant to hold, when pushed.

Benchmark scores were noteworthy, placing the Kirin 970 in the same group from a year ago’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, yet behind the most recent age of processors. The phone accomplished 23fps in GFX Bench Car Chase, 204,439 score in AnTuTu, 38fps in GFX Bench Manhattan 3.1, and 1,894 and 6,678 respectively inside Geekbench’s single-and multi-core specific tests.

  • Software:

The Honor 10 hosts the Honor’s EMUI 8.1 skin on Android 8.1 Oreo. EMUI is known to have developed a considerable measure over the past couple of years and is presently a smooth and feature stuffed software bundle. Huawei states that EMUI 8.1 makes use of machine learning to cleverly investigate user conduct and allocates assets likewise.

Before concluding, we will take a look at the pros and cons..

  • Gains:

– Known to have efficient cameras

– Compact and sleek design

– Good on the performance front

– Reflective rear side

  • Losses:

– Not a waterproof device

– Lacks microSD support

– Tends to heat up

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