HP Omen Laptop Review: For The Gaming Enthusiast!

HP Omen Laptop







  • Good Gaming Performance
  • Better Build Quality


  • Bit costly

A review of the HP Omen Laptop, that is said to be the paradise for the gaming enthusiasts.

JustInReviews has got for you, the technology review of the HP Omen X laptop. Specially, for all the gaming enthusiasts out there.

With the HP Omen laptop, the company seems to have stuck with the monster device that focuses on the performance.

  • Build design:

In spite of the fact that the HP Omen X Gaming Laptop may not be the most slender thing in the market, the machine has the potential to attract the attention of a gamer. The system possesses the trademark X pattern of the HP Omen X on its lid with the presence of RGB LED lights as a part of the X design. The 1080p 17-inch display has rather substantial bezels and with the major part of the entire device it most likely does not fit into any of the bags out there for the 17-inch laptops.



  • Screen:

The 17.3-inch sized display on this HP gaming laptop comes with a full-HD resolution, as the 4K variant isn’t present in India, one does get a 144Hz refresh rate along with Nvidia’s G-Sync. Colours appear reasonably punchy, and the brightness satisfactory. The substantial borders all around the screen appear somewhat cliché, a webcam is placed towards the top and it is compatible for a full-HD video.

  • Processing power:

As far as the processing power goes, the workstation comes with an Intel Core i7-7820HK processor, a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (Notebook) GPU, and 16GB DDR4 RAM which basically deals with any lag. When the standard 3DMark 10 benchmark was run, called TimeSpy it scored a 6,243 which is more like a 4K gaming PC as opposed to a gaming laptop and happens to be a conventional score. Yet, on the VRMark benchmark termed as the Orange Room, it secured 8,035 which is greatly improved than a VR-enabled PC yet not comparable to a top of the line PC in spite of having the specs.

  • Battery:

In case you’re purchasing a workstation like the HP Omen Laptop, then battery life ought not be a priority. Additionally, with its weight and size, it’s bound to stay on the desk, besides a power source. In case despite everything, you’re feeling hopeful, at that point you ought to expect around three-and-a-half to four hours worth of battery life, all things considered with a generic use.

  • Performance:

As reported, the Omen X is said to effectively sail through essentially any application you toss at it, which is considered to be obvious from a top end machine such as this. Boot times appeared speedy, and because of the SSDs in RAID, some truly noteworthy read and write scores emerged in the SiSoft Sandra benchmark. One would have appreciated a Quad-HD option or a 4K screen for the top variant, as the text isn’t the most sharp when extended to this size. Also, multitasking slowdowns were not observed.

  • Cost:

This HP gaming variant costs a whopping Rs. 3,26,391 in India !!!

  • Plus:

– Mechanical keyboard offering comfort

– Sturdy build

– Gaming performance reported good

  • Minus:

– Isn’t portable friendly

– Fans tend to make noise

– On the costly side

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