HP Sprocket Review: The Pocket Printer !

HP Sprocket







  • Ink Refills Not Needed
  • Easy To Use


  • Prints Are Expensive
  • Print Quality Is Cariable

Ever heard about this latest technology from HP called the Sprocket? If not, here’s your chance to acquaint with the same ! How?

Read on with this review from JustInReviews….

  • Introducing the HP Sprocket:

The HP Sprocket happens to be one of the smallest printers in the present scenario. On the off chance that you’ve at any point wished to blend the talents of your smartphone with the appeal of physical instant photograph printing, this could well be the gadget for you!

  • Getting to know this new technology:

This is a printer which does not use ink, in the sense of applying fluid or powder to paper, and does not print on any media larger than 2 x 3 inches (5.0 x 7.6cm). HPs Sprocket makes use of the Zink technology, initially created by Polaroid and, since 2005, by its spin-off, Zink Imaging inc.


This latest technology utilizes paper covered with numerous layers of transparent dye under production. These colors are activated in the printer with pulses of heat of various length and intensity from a thermal print head. The colors at that point turn cyan, magenta and yellow, offering a full-colour picture with a solitary pass of the paper through the printer.

  • Features and design:

The Sprocket comprises of a box about the extent of a compact camera, however sans the lenses on the front end. There’s a little slot in the front, from where the photographs come out and a Micro USB socket at the rear for connecting the provided cable to recharge the inner batteries. A solitary charge ought to last for a good 30 prints. It takes around a hour and a half to recharge the printer.

Put in a bunch of 10 paper sheets inside, connect with the printer by means of Bluetooth, download the Sprocket App from HP and you’re ready.

The application, meanwhile, is fun to use. You can slap offbeat stickers everywhere on your photos before printing, and in addition captions and other editing tools that ought to lift your smartphone selfies over their normal standard.

  • Performance:

A solitary 2 x 3-inch print takes just shy of 50s to come out of the Sprocket, which cannot be called instant (no place close as quick as an old analogue Polaroid), however, won’t hold up the proceedings at a gathering or occasion sufficiently long to be a major issue.

The print quality relies particularly on the subject matter.

  • Cost:

You can get Sprocket, a pocket sized photo printer in India, at a price of around Rs 9000.

On the other hand, print costs are considered to be high. The sole consumable is paper, and costs for this in 10 and 20 sheet packs give a running expense of around 50p for each photograph. That is considerably more than for usual ink-jet prints, which cost in the vicinity of 10p and 20p, contingent upon brand, for significantly bigger images. Obviously, that is not what the Sprocket is about, however, as it’s the printing convenience in a split second and on-the-spot that you’re paying for.

  • Pros:

– App is fun

– Ink refills not needed

– Easy to use

  • Cons:

– Prints are expensive

– Print quality is variable

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