Huawei Mate Review 20 Pro vs. 20 vs. 20 X vs. 20 Lite

This time around, the Huawei Mate review from JustInReviews, is based on the Huawei smartphone family, and its a comparison between Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs. Mate 20 vs. Mate 20 X vs. Mate 20 Lite. Get to know about them right here, all at one go!

The family appears to be complete, with all the four Huawei smartphones now revealed. What does each one of these has on offer? Lets check out….

  • Design and Exteriors:

Being the least expensive amongst the lot, the Mate 20 Lite can be called the least attractive, having a traditional stout score. All in all, it’s a relative perception yet it can be termed as an attractive design having a glass back. On the other hand, the Mate 20 Pro likewise has a big notch where the 3D face detecting tech lives, but at the same time it’s the sole phone with an AMOLED screen that moulds into the all-glass body. Mate 20 X and the Mate 20 have the best notch — the small Dewdrop design — and furthermore possesses premium glass builds. So, the Mate 20 X is bigger and relatively difficult to use one-handed.

  • Water Resistance:

The Mate 20 Pro accompanies a noteworthy water-resistance having an IP68-rating. While the Mate 20 has a IP54 splash rating, the Mate 20 X even has lower IP53 rating. Lastly, the Mate 20 Lite has no water-resistance at all.

  • Display:

Mate 20 Pro’s AMOLED screen is what many would find to be the best looking. The LCD screens on the Mate 20, and Lite are good, however they somewhat take a back seat with respect to the dark inky blacks and vibrant colours on the Mate 20 Pro. The 20 X may likewise have an AMOLED display, the Mate 20 Pro is the only one having a 1440p resolution — the others come with a 1080p — and it bends into the body. It is found to be the most crisp, bright and most beautiful displays by the handlers.

  • Battery:

The 5,000mAh battery in the Mate 20 X is the largest by a wide margin, leaving behind the big 4,200mAh hosted in the Mate 20 Pro. Just the Mate 20 Pro accompanies Qi wireless charging, yet the X, Mate 20, and Pro gadgets, come with company’s SuperCharge quick charging. Huawei states that the Mate 20 Pro can recharge around 70% in half an hour — and the X and Mate 20 aren’t a long way behind this speed.

  • Camera Lens:

The Mate 20 Lite comes with twinned 20-MP and 2-MP camera, while the Mate 20 has got a 16 MP ultra wide-angle lens, 8-MP 2x telephoto zoom lens, and a 12-MP wide-angle lens. The 20 X and 20 Pro come with a 20-MP ultra wide-angle lens, 8-MP 3x telephoto zoom lens and a 40-megapixel wide-angle lens.

  • Hardware and Performance:

The Lite has got the Kirin 710, the processor with least power in the lot.

The other three smartphones are furnished with Huawei’s latest, powerful Kirin 980 processor, and has on board 128GB of storage, and up to 6GB RAM, making them equally powerful. The Mate 20 X carries an inventive cooling framework that utilizes graphene and a vapor chamber to help the phone stay cool. This implies that the Mate 20 X’s processor can deal with all the more challenging tasks without becoming slow, providing it a performance edge.

  • Salient Features:

The super-controlled gaming mode, GPU Turbo from Huawei is present on every one of these phones, and in addition, there is an advanced A.I. incorporated into every one of these, which will carry out functions like perceive scenes in your camera, resource management during gaming, and fuel the Qmoji Animoji-style AR emoji feature. The A.I. progresses further in the Pro, Mate 20 and X however, with A.I. dealing with the real-time filters lying over video, and real-time object identification. Those three smartphones additionally possess access to Huawei’s new gesture navigation.

In any case, it’s the Mate 20 Pro that is equipped with the most special features.

  • O.S.:

One would discover Huawei’s Emotion UI (EMUI) layer lying over Android in every one of these smartphones. The Mate 20 Lite runs the Android 8.1 Oreo — and there haven’t been talks that it will receive an update to Android 9.0 Pie as yet. Rest of the handsets accompany the most recent EMUI 9 over Android 9.0 Pie.

  • Price Tag:

The approx. prices of these models are expected to be as follows-

– Mate 20 Lite – Rs. 29, 990

– Mate 20 Pro – Rs. 76, 000

– Mate 20 – Rs. 67, 890

– Mate 20 X – Rs. 76999

With the Huawei Mate review 20 Pro vs. Mate 20 vs. Mate 20 X vs. Mate 20 Lite  now with you, the final choice is yours.

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