iOS 11: Exploring The Latest iOS From Apple !

iOS 11







  • Siri has Improved
  • Better Quality Camera And Photos
  • Control Centre Can be Customized


  • Compatible with 64 bits Apps Only
  • Does Not Support Older iPhones Drag and Drop Upgraded intelligence and learning. Peer-to-peer Apple Pay. Newer App Store design. Enlarged Reality. Machine Learning. And the sky is the limit from there. This year, Apple takes iOS to 11 — however how well does it arrive?

JustInReviews checks out this latest technology offering, just for you…

  • The Evolutionary Journey:

iOS 11 is the summation of all the features and versions, inclusions and expostulations that have preceded it. That is over a time frame of 10 years of yearly major releases and quarterly upgrades.

  • Design Aspect:

iOS 7 was a noteworthy upgrade. The photo-illustrative, interfaces that are metaphorical of the past, rich in appearance were put aside for all the more digitally authentic, physically playful appearance. The journey continued with further versions….

Additionally, instead of simply size or shading to recognize informational levels, Apple is currently utilizing and prescribing a blend of size, position, weight, and shading. The primary iOS 11 betas were found to be too overwhelming. However, the latest version appears to be balanced as per the tech news. When all is said in done, headers are in the forefront, bolder, bigger and darker and supporting content is underneath, littler, more slender, and lighter. It brings about speedier wayfinding and significantly higher clarity, with a superior content balance.


Apple is additionally enhancing contrast in different ways. It is filling in button shapes, for instance, expanding the size of fields, glyphs being heavier and thicker, and filling them in. At any rate in some applications, as Photos.

  • The Drag and Drop Feature:

The greatest feature not presented a year ago was drag and drop interactivity, particularly for iPad. It happened to be rumoured, it was yearned for, however not make any difference how regularly individuals said it was coming, it never entirely arrived until this point of time.

The new technology is worked in at the system level, so drag and drop functions both on iPhone and iPad, in spite of the fact that iPhone actualizes far, far less of it at this moment. On iPad, you get everything Apple has to offer.

Touch a component — it could be a picture, an icon a textual selection, whatever — and it starts to skim. Continue touching it and you can drag it around the screen and drop it anyplace else that will take it. That incorporates different parts of the application and even altogether different applications.

  • Photos and Camera:

On iOS 11, however, better optical and software-based stability, and shoots with high dynamic range (HDR), which drastically enhances low-light and high contrast execution. For extraordinary low-light conditions, iOS 11 will even give you a chance to do Portrait Mode with the LED flash.

Apple has additionally changed from the antiquated JPEG (joint photographic experts group) configuration to the new HEIF (high-efficiency image format) in iOS 11.

  • The App Store:

Ten years after it was first presented, with iOS 11, the App Store has at last gotten an entire reconsidering. It’s more than a makeover since it’s more than interface profound: It’s an entire reevaluating not simply of how to present applications for individuals to peruse and look, however how individuals peruse and scan for applications.

There are features such as “Our favourites”, “Meet the developer”, “Gaming 101”, “Collection”, “Behind the scenes” “How to”, “DIY”, and “The daily list”. There’s likewise an “Application of the day” and “Game of the day”. Every one gets its own card in the deck. Tap a card and it jumps up energetically to fill the screen. What’s more, where beforehand App Store editors were restricted to little blurbs, if that, they now have genuine space for genuine exposition. It’s nearly as if Apple has begun its own application blog.

Pros :

  • Siri has Improved

  • Better Quality Camera And Photos

  • Control Centre Can be Customized

Cons :

  • Compatible with 64 bits Apps Only

  • Does Not Support Older iPhones


To Conclude:

iOS 11 still doesn’t include everything — no iCloud based multi-user for iPad, re-assignable default applications, “Read This” availability, ThemeKit customizations, music and numerous different incorporations for SiriKit, Apple TV and CarPlay on-board, Lock screen entanglements, and the rundown continues forever.

We had a look at some of the salient features of iOS 11. This is by no means an exhaustive list. You can find more online.

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