iPhone SE Review: What’s Inside This Special Edition Device?

iPhone SE Review


iPhone SE







  • One Day Battery Life
  • Good Performance


  • No Expandable Storage

Exploring the latest offering from Apple i.e. the iPhone SE.

Get to know this Apple offering as JustInReviews presents to you the iPhone SE review.

This one is said to be a phone that is meant for those, still, that need a little device and is a decent purchase for somebody that simply needs a semi-decent iPhone off contract.

So, what regarding this choice to re-re-release the iPhone 5? Has Apple zigged when whatever is left of the world has zagged, and thought of the direction everybody has been clamoring for, manufacturing a power packed yet palmable device? Remains to be seen.

  • Looks:

The looks of the iPhone SE, as you might have presumably speculated, is indistinguishable to that of the iPhone 5S.

That implies you have a similar compact chassis that fits correctly in one hand, the chamfered margins to give an alternate surface and solace to the edge of the device and a similar general boxy outline from the times of yore.


iPhone SE

Indeed, outwardly the only contrast is that the gadget now comes in rose gold. That is it.

As far as weight goes, it’s super difficult to tell that you’ve even got the mobile in your pocket, on account of it being 113g light. That is an entire 1g excess than the 5S, however it’s difficult to differentiate.

  • Display:

It happens to be a Retina screen, Apple’s shorthand for a phone that targets a specific sharpness at a specific distance from your eyes – however in case of a 4-inch screen, there’s a recognizable absence of sharpness over here!

Apple is not apple for the sake of it – this screen can be called more than sufficient. The lesser contract ratio (800:1 is lagging in a long way behind a portion of the top phones available right now – the new iPhone 6S duo taken into consideration) is likely the most infuriating component, yet as far as sharpness the 4-inch screen handles the 1334×750 resolution in an adequate manner.

Although, technology updates in this case are definitely welcome.

The major issue one can experience with the iPhone SE’s display is while watching films. The Retina technology can’t show the lower end of HD films… yet, that makes purchasing them somewhat less expensive, one presumes.

  • Camera Offerings:

– A 12 MP sensor that matches with the iPhone 6S

– Muted picture quality sometimes

– Heavy emphasis on ‘realism’ inside snaps

– Smaller and lack of sharpness in the screen is said to be not handy as a viewfinder.

  • Battery power:

In spite of that, Apple has figured out how to recoil down a portion of the parts inside to come up with a marginally bigger battery inside the SE, updated from 1560mAh to 1624mAh (and that is more amazing when you realize that the iPhone 5 had a 1440mAh battery).

The battery is found to be long lasting than other same-sized iPhones. However, in case of heavy use, the gadget tends to fight through the day.

  • Performance and technology:

Are you thinking how impressive the iPhone SE is under the finger? All things considered, the appropriate response would be: quite good. There are various elements at work here, from the thing that it shares an A9 chipset with the most recent iPhones to the multiplying of the RAM found in the iPhone 5S – everything is substantially speedier than anticipated.

The graphical latest technology is most likely the most significant upgrade – it happens to be a six-core chip that lessens the power of the iPhone 5S and likewise the iPhone 6.

In case you’re wondering about how much memory is available, fortunately it’s raised up to 32GB at the least, with a 128GB max capacity alternative towards the top end.

It seems greatly improved than the former 16GB alternative – with the O.S. on board as well, it offers more space to utilize.

The fingerprint scanner is found to be slower as compared to existing models. However, not hugely noticeable.

  • Cost:

The price of Apple iPhone SE in India begins at Rs. 24990.

  • Highs:

– Impressive power

– Price is lower

– Enhanced battery than the 5S

  • Lows:

– Home key known to rattle

– Older screen technology

JustInReviews is thus done with its iPhone SE Review. We hope that you found it to be informative.

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