Jays a-Six Review: Dismantling The Bluetooth Headphones !

Jays a-Six




Battery Life





  • Punchy bass
  • Long lasting battery life


  • Highs are non-existent

What’s on offer from these wireless headphones? Find out over here….

JustInReviews would like to dismantle these wireless headphones for you. Check them out as you go through this new technology review!

  • Looks and make:

The earbuds are premium metal builds and come wrapped in an aluminum covering. The decal plate is of stainless steel and comes with laser-cut gaps that fill in as a tuned bass port. Which evidently is said to bring about better sound quality. Can we call it the latest technology? It has got the trademark flat-noodle wires and a neckband design.




  • Specification highlights:

– Equipped with Bluetooth 4.1

– 20 – 20,000 Hz frequency

– Remote Control

– Support for wireless playback worth 12 hours

– MEMS microphone included

– Dynamic speaker measuring 6 mm

  • How do they sound?

As per reports, these tiny ones can offer clarity and good sound which is difficult to get at this price. Don’t forget, these are Bluetooth equipped. Expect to get the claimed noise isolation, only upon proper-fitting tips – again it’s the same logic as that in case of the bass.

The sound and video are said to play in a state of harmony with zero idleness and you won’t waver wearing these for your binge sessions as well.

However, according to the experts, these are not recommended for those who wish to stuff their entire playlist with bass & drum, hardcore EDM or techno music. You would not like the bass it offers, and you’ll be left asking for more.

  • Colour options:

– Grey and Silver

– Black and Gold

– White and silver are the colour combos from which you can choose.

  • Price:

This wireless piece costs around Rs 6000 in India.

  • Pros:

– Balanced audio

– Light in weight and compact

  • Cons:

– Requires an improved battery life

– Bass reported not up to the mark

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