Marshall Kilburn Review: Presenting The Bluetooth Speaker!

As a part of this technology review from JustInReviews, we are going to venture into the world of sound! We have got for you, the review of Marshall Kilburn, a bluetooth enabled speaker.

  • Looks and Specification:

The speaker happens to be styled taking inspiration from the Marshall’s famous guitar amps and highlights two tweeters and a solitary woofer packed its somewhat extensive 242 x 140 x 140mm chassis. Carrying a weight of 3 kg (6.6 lbs), this cannot be a speaker that you’ll carry on an excursion, yet what you forfeit in terms of portability, it is claimed that you will gain in performance. If that’s the case, what can one ask for more?

At the top, you’ll come across the controls and inputs which have a brushed metal look.

Flip the on switch in upward direction and you can choose either the aux input or the Bluetooth. In case you’re utilizing Bluetooth, press the Pair catch and discover the Kilburn in your gadget’s Bluetooth menu.


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Towards the front, you’ll come across the notable Marshall logo plus a woven grille that you’ll discover on the brand’s guitar amps – a pleasant dejavu for those of us who spent our childhood playing instruments.

What can be called a flaw may be, for charging, one needs to plug the power cable into the wall and then turn the speaker on. You’ll additionally need to utilize the IEC C7 power chord that comes with it to charge as there are no USB ports at all. This implies that your phone won’t be charged by the Kilburn either.

  • Battery Power:

Battery life is said to support 20 hours of playback and tests observed that number to be right on the money. Should you discover that your battery is by all accounts possessing lesser charge than at one point of time, one utility component the Marshall incorporated with the Kilburn is the capacity to replace the battery.

  • Performance:

In case you’re done with the portable Bluetooth speaker gadgets with weak bass response, you will probably be all praise for the Kilburn. The speaker is fit for a 62-20,000Hz frequency response.

As the Marshall Kilburn is blessed with an independent bass and treble controls, it’s difficult to remark on things like speaker neutrality as listeners can adjust the audio to suit their tastes. When the bass and treble was set to 50%, the Kilburn is reported to have delivered a powerful bass, gleaming highs and a proper sense of space.

A listener can feel exactly how much air the Kilburn displaces, by holding a paper before the rear bass port.

So, if you are on the hunt for that vintage looking speaker enabled with Bluetooth, one feels that the

Marshall Kilburn won’t be a bad choice.

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