Mi Band 3 Fitness Tracker Review: Xiaomi Returns With a Bigger Display!

Xiaomi Band 3









  • Waterproof
  • Affordable


  • Average Battery Backup

A huge hype has been created for months about Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and now the cat is completely out of the bag with details about the company’s next-generation fitness tracker.

This article is about fitness tracker gadget, reviewed by JustInReviews.

It has become quite famous when compared to the sales of the Fitbit.

Its previous version was unveiled two years back. And the new device details were constantly searched by the customers and their thirst have been quenched right now.

mi Band 3



  • Design :

The display is the major update in Mi Band 3 when compared to its previous version. Although its previous version had a touchscreen there was a small navigation buttons below it. In the new band, the update of the touchscreen is a 0.78 inch OLED display whereas in Mi Band 2 there was only a 0.42inch display.

The pixel resolution is about 128 x 80. Its battery life is the same as Mi Band 2 for 20 days and is 110mAh battery.

NFC chip is another update that allows contactless payments which are available only in costlier NFC. You can also find a built-in heart monitor without any GPS. The band strap comes in blue, black or red.

  • Features :

As said earlier a smarter update is NFC payments but it needs costly NFC and it is still not clear whether this feature is available only with Chinese version or countries as well.

You can view the messages more clearly from the bigger display. The message apps in China are QQ and WeChat and in other parts of the country, they are Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

There are other features that you can enjoy like Caller ID, notification support, alarm clocks etc. A 3-day weather forecasts and a timer is another new update in its smart feature list.

  • Cost and Availability :

Basic version: Rs1768

NFC version: Rs 2040

Available everywhere in India

  • Fitness Tracker :

Heart rate monitoring is the first fitness tracking feature which has been managed for greater accuracy and works throughout the day. Gait and step counting have also been enhanced accurately. You can set your goals accordingly for running, walking and cycling. It has a waterproof facility, therefore, you can swim as well.

Finally, your goals are on your wrist to check where do you stand and where do you lack and where you need to put in more effort.

  • Pros :

Bigger display

NFC payments done easily

Built hear tracking monitor

  • Cons :


Battery durability is the same as its previous version

To know more about latest technology in fitness tracking visit JustInReviews.

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