‘MisFit Vapor’ Review: The Latest From The World of Smart Watches!

Misfit Vapor, an Android smartwatch gadget is reviewed about its activity tracking by JustInReviews

This activity tracker has a display which is touch sensitive and has a great demand in smartwatch market when compared to other smartwatches.

Design :

The design is quite simple and the watch from the side looks like a disk with a single button. The top view looks like Moto 360 with a round display. It also has optical heart rate tracker with charge pin connectors. The straps are black in color and made of silicone which has a traditional buckle. There are also various color options.

Body Making :

The make of the watch is good and it weighs only 60 grams. It is made of waterproof material and can be taken for swimming. The silicone strap is quite soft. There is a little latch below the buckle and can be swapped on the strap but then as per the wrist size the length must be adjusted or else the latch will hurt. The strap is dust-prone but it can be washed as it is waterproof.

Display and UI :

The Display features 1.3 inch AMOLED which is stylish and bright. It does not use much battery because of the LED. It has an OS of Android Oreo. You can install apps on the watch by accessing the playstore. There are some shortcut actions like swiping up and down which shows notifications and fast action toggles. You can go to the home screen by clicking on the physical button and the app menu is accessed. You can go back by swiping to the right. You can scroll either by swiping or rotating your fingers on the display edges.

Performance and App :

There are few fitness based features in this smartwatch and it assists Google Fit as well by linking with company’s own app. It can track your swim laps, running, heart rate along with an improved version of GPS. For the purpose of working it needs to be connected with the Android Wear App. The fitness part of the watch can be accessed by the users by pairing with the Misfit app. The heart rate can be measured well by the optical heart rate tracker.

Battery :

If you avoid using fitness tracking you can use this watch throughout the day without any recharge for the battery. The device can be recharged very fast.

Costs :

Misfit Vapor Smartwatch Price in India : ₹14000

Pros :

  • Good display
  • Waterproof

Cons :

  • Latch hurts and needs to be adjusted
  • Battery drains fast while using fitness trackers

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