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Moov Now


Battery Life







  • Elegant design
  • real-time coaching
  • Excellent Fitness Tracker


  • No screen

Reviewing the Moov Now fitness tracker

JustInReviews is back to fitness ways in the form of this fitness product review, exclusively for you. Today, we are going to talk about Moov Now, which happens to be your second generation fitness and activity tracker.

  • Appearance:

Unlike Moov, Moov Now has been reduced to 33% of its original size, and feels considerably more manageable.

Users are offered with two straps in the case – a large and a small one – which is useful as you do need to place the Moov Now around your ankle while running and cycling tracking.

The other major change can be said to be the battery. Moov Now shifts to a watch battery as opposed to a rechargeable lithium, so it offers six months of battery on a solitary charge. With the inclusion of daily fitness tracking, this is considered to be a good move, and thus you can have your Moov prepared for a training session.

Moov Now

It still has got an accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope – this trio of motion sensors that empowers it to offer such a large number of coaching stats – yet users state that it doesn’t appear as cumbersome as previously, particularly on the wrist.

  • Activity tracking:

A substantial new addition to the Moov gadget is sleep tracking and daily tracking. In both the cases, you can leave the tracker to simply get on with it.

You can observe your day by choosing the Active Minute section at the topmost point of the Activity feed within the Moov application. Data is shown in graphical format, which puts forth one of the more clunkier and fiddly parts of the software.

There happens to be a sleep breakdown, which strikingly demonstrates restorative sleep. This is the kind of sleep necessary to enable the body to recuperate from exercise or enable muscle tissue to rebuild. In addition, you’ll likewise observe logged activities plotted in the graph. However, it does not support landscape viewing, resulting into it being tricky to read.

  • Sports coaching:

Moov hosts multiple training plans intended to enable you to accomplish objectives and later on utilizes a voice mentor to influence your performance in real time. Furthermore, in this regards, it can be said to be the front runner out of a modest bunch of comparable fitness and health products.

Cycling and running get the majority coaching, while at the same time swimming and boxing sessions are tracked and reported. At long last, the application will direct you keep a track of reps for 7 Minute exercises, helping you advance from level to level as you get more grounded.

When you set out for a sprint, you can select from training plans from running efficiency, intervals and open training.

When you go for a run, the voice coach will detail you on what you’re attempting to do, and after that keep tabs on the metrics and reveal to you when you’re hitting the nail on the head – and all the more importantly, how you can improve.

During cycling, Moov Now would persuade you to “change gear for an optimum cadence.”

It works comparatively for sprint intervals and speed endurance programmes, with the coach’s voice providing you with tips as you move, in view of the real time stats. What’s more, it’s these details that make Moov so unique. Also, taking GPS from your smartphone for all the standard pace, time and distance details it likewise tracks motion range in your legs, g-force through your foot and cadence.

That is one thing that can be said to be absent from Moov altogether – there happens to be no social elements to have friendship with different users and test each other.

  • Battery:

The Moov Now is now fitted with a coin-cell battery of the sort you see inside a watch, offering it with a long lasting six months’ battery life. That copes up with 24/7 trackers, e.g. the Misfit Shine and both Withings Activité watches.

How to replace the battery when needed isn’t that clear as yet.

  • Feature highlights:

– Voice feedback

– Real-time coaching

– Reps counting

– 12 guided workouts

– Tracks running, walking, boxing, cycling, swimming, sleeping and daily activity

  • Cost:

Move Now is placed at a price of around Rs 3000.

  • Attractions:

– Light in weight and small in size

– 6 months of battery power

– Real-time coaching

  • Distractions:

– Lacks social platform support

– Basic level activity tracking data

– Voice coach a bit grating Moov Now

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