Moto E5 Plus Review: The Latest Smart Offering From Motorola

Moto E5 Plus









  • Good Battery Life
  • Good on Performance


  • No Android P Update
  • Low camera performance Reported For Large Pics

Motorola keeps on churning out budget smartphones for us. The latest to have launched is the Moto E5 Plus and JustInReviews would like to review it as a part of our smartphone reviews. Here are the phone specifications…

  • Display and Design:

The IPS LCD screen comes with a 1,440 x 720 resolution supported by an 18:9 aspect ratio. Colours appear vibrant, however content and pictures aren’t reported too sharp. The screen is additionally somewhat dim, and cranking the brightness to the maximum outdoors doesn’t help each time. In spite of the low resolution, the 6-inch display looks good for viewing YouTube recordings and films on applications such as Netflix.


The Moto E5 Plus takes after design ideas from off late Motorola gadgets, e.g. the Moto X4 and Moto G6, refining marginally compared to a year ago’s model. There’s a larger 6-inch screen to begin, a shiny polymer back that mimics glass-back phones, and a fingerprint sensor towards the back side.

One would feel appreciative that the back utilizes a polymer and plastic material rather than Gorilla Glass like the Moto G6 — it won’t break in case of a drop, making the phone more solid.

  • Battery Power:

It packs an enormous 5,000mAh battery, which is said to offer a great deal to the 200 grams of heave it has. For a great many people, this battery ought to be sufficient to effectively last through a day with lots of utilization, and for that matter two days for moderate use. It won’t be a surprise if light users enter into the third day. It’s 15 W TurboPower charging should facilitate quick filling up of the battery.

  • Cameras:

The Moto E5 Plus carries a 12MP back camera having 1.25 micrometer pixels and an aperture of f/2.0, making it quite good in dim surroundings. While the front camera is fitted with a 8MP sensor with 1.12 micrometer pixels and an aperture of f/2.2.

To sum things up, the photos appear quite good, however, zooming in past 100% instantly demonstrates an absence of detail. One would not suggest utilizing this one for large framed pics, yet it’ll perform fine for photographs that are meant for social media. Technology updates are definitely welcome in this case.

  • Performance:

The Moto E5 Plus is driven using the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 435 processor accompanied by 3GB of RAM. There happens to be 32GB of internal memory, and, a MicroSD card slot enables you to add an additional space of up to 128GB.

Reportedly, applications opened in a split second, and there were no issues with multitasking. The E5 Plus is found to be well equipped for processing of majority tasks such as web surfing, posting via

social media and video streaming.

  • Pricing and Launch Date:

The Motorola Moto E5 Plus can be purchased in India at a price of around Rs. 13800. The Moto E5 Plus is expected to be launched on 10th of July, 2018.

  • Attractions:

– Battery life said to be worth two days

– 6-inch screen and 18:9 aspect ratio

– Good on performance

  • Distractions:

– No Android P update

– Low camera performance reported for large pics

– Excess bloat-ware

That’s what the Moto E5 Plus brings for the users. Get to know about the latest gadgets, with the help of technology reviews from JustInReviews.

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