Moto X4 Review: The Latest Offering From Motorola !

Moto X4









  • Sharp glass-backed design
  • Gorgeous looks


  • Unimpressive video quality

Here is the detailed review of the latest phone from Motorola.

JustInReviews is back with a smartphone review, specially for you. The latest to target is the Moto X4. Let’s check out the various aspects related to it….

The Moto X4 is Motorola’s economical, mid-range cell phone that fits some place in the middle of the leader Moto Z2 Force and the budgetary Moto G5, and comes fumblingly near the Moto Z2 Play cost without the perks of Moto Mods.

  • Design:

It abides by the off late Motorola design practices. Smooth bends at the top and the base, an oval fingerprint scanner at the base of the screen and a larger than usual rear camera bump adjusted in the top center of the gadget. The display is flanked by bezels on all sides that vibe somewhat 2016. The power and volume buttons are all on the right side and feel strong. There’s no speaker grille on the base, as the sole speaker is at the top point of the screen, serving as the ear piece for phone calls.

It’s appears a decent looking phone, however, like numerous mid-range handsets, we’re surely not ringing our companions to reveal to them how cool it looks. It feels like the Moto X4 really sacrifices some style, yet in any event it doesn’t forfeit the 3.5mm earphone jack.

  • Display:

The Moto X4 comes with a 5.2-inch Full HD screen that fits its mid-range character more than the leader Moto Z2 Force. It carries out the job with sufficiently high pixel thickness for everything other than VR.

The Moto display feature is inherited by the non-Android One variant of the X4 that discretely illuminates a bit of the screen with the time, date, and notification icons, for the most part in black and white. All it takes is a prod or a wave over a few sensors to trigger this other option to an always on display. The Android One form of the X4 likewise comes with the feature, however just with poking to trigger the screen.

  • Camera:

The Moto X4 strives to stay aware of the most recent patterns by having dual-lens camera with a 12MP telephoto lens and a 8MP wide-angle lens, and it can likewise record 4K video as well.


– Selfies having high resolution

– Still shots that are sharp having a nice HDR

  • Battery Life:

As a part of this technology review, let’s check on the battery of the phone.

This mid-range smartphone goes the full range, fortunately. Seems, no compromises on the battery, and it’s bounty big for a mid-range chipset and low resolution screen. It’s anything but difficult to run an entire day with, and with average utilize, twelve hours into the consecutive day is unquestionably conceivable.

Charging the handset is particularly fast with Motorola’s TurboPower charging, particularly for the initial half of the battery. Yet the capacity to get a couple of hours charge from a couple of minutes can be a lifeline, and the Moto X4 nails it.

  • Specifications and Functioning:

It comes with a Snapdragon 630 chipset and 3GB of RAM, which is dialed again from what you’ll experience in any of the flagship phone in 2017.

Beyond any doubt enough, handlers often felt the Moto X4 takes its time. It arrived, yet this pure Android cellphone had perceptible slow downs each time they opened up applications like the camera. Endeavoring to snap a super fast picture isn’t said to be feasible on this phone.

Its Geekbench 4 benchmark scores wound up being 871 for solitary-performance and 4125 for multi-core performance. Resulting benchmarks didn’t fluctuate more than 10 points in either case from that.

Gaming was said to be another zone where the Moto X4 didn’t voyage. Stacking wasn’t super quick, and with 3GB of RAM on the Android One model, a game is probably going to require more load time each time it’s opened, since it’s presumably not residing in the memory. Handlers saw stoppages while gaming too.

Fortunately, the handset felt truly enduring for everything else. It handles the essentials fine: browsing the web, watch videos, messaging and whatever else was smooth. The speaker was found to be good, even at max volume, however bass tones were found to be somewhat sloppy.

  • Moto X4 Price:

Motorola Moto X4 cost in India begins from Rs. 20,999.

  • Pros:

– Handy Moto key feature

– IP68 water resistant

– Good looks wise with a solid build quality

– Performance said to be good

  • Cons:

– Slow HDR processing

– Video quality said to be not up to the mark

With this, we come to the end of the Moto X4 Review from JustInReviews.


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