The OJO Nintendo Switch Mini Video Projector Review: Testing The Portable Screen

Nintendo switch







  • Supports HDMI
  • Good Sound Quality


  • Expensive

A complete review of the Nintendo Switch Mini Video Projector

JustInReviews has for you, a big screen that is on the go. It is called the Nintendo Switch Mini Video Projector. Let’s check out the various aspects of this latest technology screen under this review.

This early form of the projector is somewhat buggy, which Yesojo claims that it’s taking a shot at resolving. Specifically, Yesojo said it’s chipping away at getting the fans, presently somewhat noisy, to be calmer. In any case one has observed the fans to comfort considering how warm the Nintendo Switch frequently gets when docked. One likewise finds that the projector once in a while required a break to cool off, as now and again it didn’t turn on promptly in the wake of being switched off.

With regards to features, the OJO gadget is battery-fueled, so it is not required to be connected to and can be utilized in a portable manner. It likewise can be charged through USB-C, and can utilize the ordinary Switch dock AC connector. The projector can sustain up to five hours on a complete charge, and can be set to charge mode which will recharge your device’s battery.

Nintendo Switch

The OJO makes use of DMD LED tech from Texas Instruments’ which offers 200 lumens of brightness. If the room you’re in is extremely dull, it’s difficult to make out as to precisely what’s happening within-game, particularly if the game environment itself is dim. Going further, if the projector is pulled behind, the dimmer the picture becomes. The manufacturer proposes that it can project in the vicinity of 30″ and 120″ of the screen space. Be that as it may, at around three feet far, one can get an approximately 30-inch picture with decent levels of brightness. Moving it back to around ten feet, one could get a significantly larger picture, however, things can look somewhat murky. That’s where one would desire a technology update.

It’s likewise quite low-res at 854×480 (16:9 ratio). Games can be played at this resolution, however, finer details are difficult to make out in specific games. The textual content becomes somewhat difficult to read, and around evening time, the world is hard to explore. In any case, under the correct conditions, the projector dose look fine in case you’re not very worried about visual devotion.

Audiowise, the projector is known to have a boisterous speaker, which effortlessly fills the room. The speaker ought to likewise be sufficiently loud when utilized as a part of a group setting, assuming everybody in your gathering is playing games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or The Jackbox Party Pack 4 with the help of it. There is likewise an auxiliary port for attaching other speakers.

Equipped with an HDMI-in port, you can even utilize different gadgets. The OJO comes with USB 3.0 ports and a 3.5mm auxiliary connection for headphones or other outer audio devices. Something else, the OJO’s 5 watt speaker is capable of getting pretty loud and outputs better than average in spite of coming from a small device. Also, the cooling system appeared to keep the Switch and projector sufficiently cool and didn’t turn out to be that noisey.

  • Cost:

The Nintendo Switch Mini Video Projector is known to have a price tag of around 30,000.

  • Likes:

– Can easily switch between a large TV screen and on-the-move portable

– Sound quality is good

– Brightness levels are decent

  • Dislikes:

– Lack of sharpness

– Heating issue

– Battery/storage not up to the mark

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