Nokia 6 (2018) Review: The Latest Sequel Smartphone

Nokia 6 (2018)







  • Sturdy Appearing Build
  • Battery Life


  • Camera Performance
  • Fingerprint Sensor

One year later, Nokia has come up with its sequel in the new Nokia 6 (2018) smartphone, and JustInReviews is here with its mobile review. Reported to be more of an iterative update, it is said to have seen improvement in some areas. Lets continue exploring it…..

  • Display:

The latest Nokia 6 doesn’t accompany an edge-to-edge 18:9 screen ala the Honor 9 Lite or the Moto G6. Rather, this one can be termed as an old school 16:9 offering. Its dimensions are 5.5in in size, utilizes the good old IPS technology and a 1,920 x 1,080, resolution which provides you around 403 pixels for every inch.

In addition, with a 1,242:1 contrast ratio, it makes everything look solid and with a brightness that reaches 454cd/m2, one shouldn’t have any issues viewing it unless you’re there in extreme bright light – in that case stay away from reading your phone and appreciate the sun!

Some will consider it to be disillusioning yet at a device with this cost, the screen can be said to be good if not brilliant. The screen covers 93.9% of the sRGB colour array and its colour exactness can be said to be good without a doubt.



  • Styling:

A year ago’s Nokia 6 was commended for its tank-resembling build quality and the industrial design. HMD Global has expressed that its top priority while designing this gadget was keeping up the build quality of its forerunner. Standing true to it, the Nokia 6 (2018), which has been carved from a solitary piece of 6000 series aluminum, feels sturdy in your hand.

Amidst one of the reviews, the phone was dropped a number of times and it didn’t cause any harm at all, is what was told. Also, to take things to the next level, the handset was attempted to bend. Every one of the attempts was said to have failed.

The back camera and the dual LED flash are stationed in an oval shape which has ZEISS embellished in bold letters. The fingerprint sensor, which is placed directly beneath the camera housing, can be a setback for some. It is found to be slow and not accurate at times, however, the location is very unergonomic. Fingers were found to hit the LED flash as opposed to the sensor time and again.

The Nokia 6 (2018) is present in three diverse two-tone finishes. The accents surrounding the rear camera and the casing add some truly necessary flair to what is generally termed as a downplayed industrial design.

The left side of the cell phone is a plain save for the hybrid dual-SIM tray, which influences you to pick between a second SIM and a microSD card.

  • Cameras:

The new Nokia 6 has only a solitary lens on the back side: a Zeiss-brand 16 MP lens having an aperture of f/2.0, phase-identifying auto-focus plus a dual LED based flash.

Outdoor, under well-illuminated conditions, it’s said to be equipped for catching pictures with gobs of detail, precise colours and with a well-balanced exposure. The HDR performance is said to be noticeably weaker and technology updates are welcome in this case.

There happen to be positives, in case, particularly on the off chance that you get a kick out of the chance to capture motion as opposed to simply stills. The new Nokia 6 is able to capture 4K video at 30fps.

The front camera likewise has a trick up its figurative sleeve: Nokia’s “bothie” feature. This gives you a chance to record a footage from both the 5-MP front and rear facing camera simulatneously. In case you’re asking why you’d ever need to do this, it’s presumably not aimed for you but rather it’s helpful on the off chance that you stare off into space about making a fortune off YouTube reaction based videos.

  • Battery life:

While the battery power remains unaltered at 3,000mAh, the new Nokia 6 comprises of quick charging.

  • Technical Specifications:

Last time around, Nokia 6 was said to have been affected by its underpowered Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor. However, in this case, HMD Global has fueled the Nokia 6 (2018) with a considerably more powerful Snapdragon 630 timed at 2.2GHz. Supported by a 3GB RAM and 32GB of onboard storage

Likewise, there are other updates also. The obsolete Micro-USB port has been supplanted with a USB Type-C port, and Nokia is presently committed to Android One, which ideally implies considerably more incessant software updates. In this latest offering, HMD adds two additional features that were not present in the last year’s flagship Nokia 8 to this mid-range cell phone: Bothie mode and OZO audio.

  • Performance:

With the Snapdragon 630 serving as its engine, the Nokia 6 (2018) gadget is called a different beast all in all. Amid the review duration, it is known to have handled both everyday tasks and escalated workloads easily.

Indeed, even the heaviest games did not show any frame drops or falters, which was said to be usual in a year ago’s Nokia 6. This cell phone likewise is said to have not gotten warm even after playing resource-dedicated games, exploring around town with the GPS, or shooting videos in full-HD.

We feel that this is sufficient to give you an idea about its performance.

  • Cost:

The Nokia 6 (2018) can be purchased in India at a price of Rs 16, 999.

  • The good:

– Sturdy appearing build

– Battery life said to be good

– Performance reported to be up to the mark

  • The bad:

– Camera performance said to hamper under low light

– Fingerprint sensor reported to be iffy

Before we return with yet another technology review, its a goodbye from JustInReviews for now.

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