Nokia Edge 2017 Review: What To Expect ?

Nokia Edge







  • Finger print sensor
  • Offers Screen Casting.
  • Dual-tone LED flash.


  • No HDMI Connectivity.

What to expect from the Nokia Edge 2017 ? Get to know…

JustInReviews will tell you about the Nokia Edge 2017, through this review. Let’s begin this smartphone review with the handset’s design.

  1. Design and Appearance:

Nokia Edge is known to have a cutting edge futuristic design and much preferable aesthetics over a few other well known handsets. Nokia Edge in 2017 makes its buyers really feel like they are in the year 2017 and not stuck some place in the 2010s like numerous other handsets in the market. Bezel-free front appearance, wire free features and complete-glass design converts Nokia Edge ideal for 2017.


  1. Display:

Nokia Edge accompanies a 5.5-inch display with a screen resolution of 1920*1080 pixels and an IPS LCS capacitive touch screen. The edge-to-edge display design influences it to look revolutionary. All Nokia Edge mobile reviews have been adulating the display characteristics of this handset and have profoundly praised the advancing design approach used by Nokia designers and engineers.

  1. Storage:

Nokia Edge has got a 32GB inbuilt memory with sufficient 3GBs of RAM. Storage limit can be extended utilizing Micro SD card up to 32GB additionally, enabling users to safeguard every one of their memories and experiences without requiring them to transfer to rest of the storage mediums.

  1. Battery:

The Nokia Edge gadget houses a solid 3600 mAh battery enabling it to perform under stressful situations for broadened time duration. Regardless of whether you get a kick out of the chance to play video games or watch YouTube videos as the night progresses. This handset will give you a chance to satisfy all your entertainment requirements without charging it after every few hours.

  1. Software:

Nokia Edge has got the latest 7.0 Android version in ‘Nougat’. It houses an effective Octa-core processor and a GPU for speedier and sharper graphics and data processing. Nokia Edge’s chipset depends on Qualcomm’s indigenous new technology called the Snapdragon 652. It is especially obvious from all these details that Nokia Edge has got all the processing capacities to deal with present day tasks with complete unwavering quality and agility.

  1. Camera:

Nokia Edge hosts a 23-Mega Pixel rear camera with a Carl Zeiss optical lens and an impactful flash feature. A power packed 8-Mega Pixel front camera additionally dwells in this handset which can record recordings at 1080p resolution, enabling it with colossal video conferencing capacities. The rear camera has face detection self-adjust feature enabling users to click pictures of snappy live actions with more accuracy. Different features such as geo-tagging, face detection and panorama are likewise present. Nokia Edge product reviews have all praised the power of its hi- tech cameras.

  1. Network:

This phone can be named as a 4G mobile, 3G phone and 4G LTE mobile. It handles every one of the 3G networks such as the HSPA, 4G network LTE and entire 2G GSM band range services which incorporate 1900/1800/900/850 Mhz bands. Nokia Edge 4G LTE phone rivals all other 4G mobiles with better network connection and data gathering enabling users to peruse through sites in regions with low network reach or throughput.

  1. Cost:

Nokia Edge cost is placed at Rs 42,000 which is significantly less expensive contrasted with different handsets of equivalent specs offered by Samsung, HTC or Apple. Cost is a major fascination for Nokia Edge and will enable Nokia to re-build up its place in the cell phone market.

  1. Plus points:

– Full HD screen

– Better network connectivity

– Sufficient expandable storage

– Smoother performance claimed

– 4G enabled

  1. Minus points:

– Higher cost

– Non removable battery

With this, we come to the end of the Nokia Edge 2017 review. Get to read technology reviews, only on JustInReviews.

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