Product Review: Apple TV Vs Android TV

JustInReviews comes with its product review and a comparison between Apple TV and Android TV.

When it comes to choosing a television, there’s a wide range of options there in the market. If you wish to find out what Apple TV and Android TV do, how much is their expense, and which the best one is, we share this blog to help you decide.

  • Apple TV VS Android TV :

Apple TV is a digital media player that streams content to your television. It supports apps like Netflix, YouTube, and several television apps like CNN and the WWE.

The Siri Remote has a hand strap to prevent you throwing it into your TV while playing games.

Contents from iTunes can be streamed, and this is basically good if you have several things from the store. The content you can get from the app store and streaming apps.


  • Android TV:

Android TV is an OS that gets connected to your TV to create an amazing TV experience, and when you can use a remote, it offers voice controls too.

The Nexus Player is a traditional Android TV device which connects to HDMI. This permits access to apps and games, and it comes with a Bluetooth remote which has a built-in microphone to control voice.

You can stream the videos of your choice, use apps, and play games on your largest screen.

  • Price:

Apple TV 2015: (From the Apple Store)

32GB – $149.99

64GB – $199.99

Finding quite expensive, you can get the older 2012 model for much less.

  • Android TV:

Android Box: 

Pricing varies depends on the model. Generic models are quite cheaper.

Nexus Player – Retails for roughly $50 on sale (Originally $100)

Services and Best Attributes:

  • Apple TV:

Like most Apple products, Apple TV is amazing and user-friendly and could be a useful addition. It’s a good piece of kit, and you no misuse during usage.

The apps and games are great, and voice searching got recently added to the remote in 2015 edition, along with a touchpad at the top.

  • Android TV:

If you want to explore more choices, it’s better to go with Android TV because of the wide variety of models they offer.

With your Android phone or tablet, you can control your TV, and there’s a support for Google Play games. You can keep a track on achievements, play multiplayer, and there is an online leaderboard.

Gaming is one of the best aspects of Android TV because of the larger choice of titles on offer.

  • Conclusion:

As Apple and Google are playing with each other’s space, we get various options to enjoy with.

It’s undeniable that the Apple remote is smooth and nice to use, and if you’re a diehard fan, Apple TV isn’t the most and worthy addition to lay your hands at.

Now telling which one is better, won’t do justice; both are good devices, you need to go by preferences over the brand names.

That was all about the product review about Apple TV vs Android TV. JustInReviews is an ideal place for product ratings, and review about latest technology and gadgets.

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