PS4 Pro: A Post Launch Review

PS4 Pro









  • First 4K HDR Sony console
  • Stunning graphics with 4K and HDR


  • No 4K Blu-ray

An exclusive review of PS4 Pro for you.

Entering into the world of PS4 games, JustInReviews brings to you the PS4 Pro review under technology reviews.

  • On the design front:

Contrasted with the first PS4’s 27.5 x 30 x 5.3 cm hardware, the PS4 Pro will take up more space – 29.5 x 32.7 x 5.5 cm (W x L x H), to be precise. Since it’s both more in width and taller than the first PS4, you’ll most likely need to put the first over the Pro in the event that you anticipate keeping both.

The framework is encased in a matte dark cover, like the one utilized on the PS4 Slim launched in September 2016. However this time around you won’t discover rounded corners along the edges. The PS4 Pro is sharp to be precise. Another distinction is the silver PlayStation logo that’s placed in the center of the top surface that includes a decent touch of style. Sony’s chosen to discard the clumsy pads for a more conventional button that sits underneath the disc plate.

Design highlights:

Technology updates in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

– Little bigger than the standard PS4

– Add on 3.1 USB port on the rear side

  • The Controller

It is, basically, a little emphasis on the DualShock 4 you’ve been utilizing for quite a long time. There’s a light bar incorporated with the touchpad – a pleasant element when you would prefer not to turn the controller over in your grasp to discover what player you are – however more significantly the triggers have been changed and it feels somewhat lighter in the hand.

The controller can likewise switch flawlessly within the Bluetooth and wired mode when it’s connected with the help of the USB cable to the device. While that won’t not seem like it’s a major addition, for an expert gamer, that can be the distinction between a win (and a pot of e-Sports prize cash) or a misfortune.

  • Performance:

Setting up the PS4 Pro is as yet exceptionally quick. You can voyage through the menus without breaking a lot of a sweat, contributing the most essential information like which timezone you’re in, your Wi-Fi connectivity ID and password and which language you’d jump at the chance to utilize.

As you may be aware, the PlayStation 4 Pro’s greatest draw is that it comes with “enhanced performance” for a growing collection of your new PS4 games – including all games launched on the PlayStation VR – and additionally 4K HDR spilling from Netflix. Progressively, games developed for the PlayStation platform will exploit the upgraded processing capacity when they’ve been launched.

Performance on 1080p TV sets:

Experts weren’t totally overwhelmed with what the PS4 Pro offers for 1080p TV proprietors. While additional frame-rates are a decent reward, they’re sufficiently not of leeway to warrant spending the additional amount of money. Be that as it may, Sony didn’t design the Pro for 1080p, it was intended for…

Performance in case of the PlayStation VR:

Sony’s Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House has upheld the PS4 Pro’s capacity to boost PSVR games. Handlers claim that he’s totally right – games run discernibly better on this gadget. PS4 Pro Mode titles feels like they’re better looking with more detailed surfaces, as well as feel a hair speedier as far as frame-rate on this new framework.

Performance on 4K TVs:

PS4 Pro isn’t equipped for surpassing native 4K for all games – many titles that help 4K Pro Mode have been upscaled to that resolution. That doesn’t imply games won’t look completely staggering on your 4K TV – they assuredly will. You just shouldn’t anticipate that them will look like gaming PC quality just yet.

Best PS4 games console? Only time will tell…

JustInReviews will return with yet another product review next time.


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