Samsung Galaxy S9+ Review: More Appealing Than The S8

Samsung Galaxy S9+









  • Dual-lens camera
  • Fantastic performance


  • Slow unlocking

JustInReviews comes with its gadgets review of the latest handset by the Samsung. Today we shall talk about the Samsung Galaxy S9+.

At a first look, you will not find much difference when you compare the S9 to previous year’s S8. What you need to do is place them adjacent to each other, you can see the differences. The gorgeous screen is far better than the previous version and it gives a premium, well-built feel of the new one.

Some improvements that you can notice so well are the durable and a broader Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and the back. This says, even if the phone gets dropped accidentally, its chances to survive is enhanced. But it might break; hence it’s wise to use a case. Samsung also includes a nicer soft, transparent case in the wrap. It’s an amalgam of beauty and protection which can flaunt now. Also in the box, there is a USB C to complete sized USB adapter, fast cabled charger and a set of AKG earphones.


Samsung Galaxy S9+

  • The Camera :

Samsung often pushed the bar higher with flagship cameras and the S9 would definitely catch your fancy. A good camera gives a good result. Dual aperture appears for the first time in a smartphone. The main lens can control the light amount entering the lens.

  • Good Sound, AR Features :

Both S9 & S9+ has stereo speakers tuned by AKG, with Dolby audio enhancements. The speaker is in its usual place but the earpiece acts as a loudspeaker. This gives an amazing experience. The camera develops your animated version and can well mimic your movements.

  • The DeX Dock :

The Desktop Experience is an accessory for Samsung (sold loose at Rs 6,399) that can convert the Galaxy S9 into a mini computer.

The dock has full-size USB and HDMI, you can connect a keyboard, mouse, and screen to enjoy a desktop-like experience. In S9+ the screen acts like the mouse-pad.

  • Turn off :

Samsung yet sells two versions of the S9, one with Exynos 9810 (India, Europe) and another with Snapdragon 845 (US version). And there are differences in performance.

Samsung’s Android layer, namely Samsung Experience, is fast and fluid but also has dual voice assistants, dual web browsers, and dual app stores.

The S9 and S9+ are much different. The S9+ has a bigger battery, more RAM space (6GB vs 4GB on S9), a comparatively larger screen, and two cameras with 2 x telephoto and portrait mode.

  • Pros :

With the best screen on a Smartphone

Versatile dual-lens camera

Great functioning

The design is a treat to eyes

  • Cons :

Very little change than last year

  • Conclusion :

With several other software improvements, S9+ is more appealing. Bixby is better and it can recognize the objects by looking at them and cause translation of texts in real time. Battery life is amazing. In general, these new phones did not leap much from the S8 or Note 8, but Samsung gave assurance that they are at the top of Smartphone games.

That was all about the Samsung Galaxy S9+ in the category of latest technology. JustInReviews is one of the ideal places for product ratings and reviews.

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