Samsung Gear 360 Review: The Second-Gen Camera Is Here !

Samsung Gear 360







  • Easy to Use
  • Better ergonomics


  • Limited resolutions

Exploring the 2nd generation Samsung Gear 360 camera…

JustInReviews would like to explore the Samsung Gear 360 camera for you, as a part of this technology review.

Samsung’s second 360 camera, the Gear 360 (which is named like the first), is said to be focused at the other category: easygoing shoppers who are looking to snap a cool photograph or video of themselves and their companions, whenever they wish to.

  • Looks:

Dissimilar to the first generation Gear 360, which was essentially a big sphere about the measure of a cue ball, the second-gen Gear 360’s handle — a kind of rounded plastic cylinder underneath the lenses — makes it a considerable measure simpler to hold and use the camera without utilizing a selfie stick. It can be said to be quite bulgy, making it difficult to stick in your trouser pocket; for that, you’ll need something slimmer, similar to the LG 360 or the Insta360 Nano.


The Gear 360 has got two little buttons on its head, one meant for power and the second one to navigate through the different menu options. The handle has got a large record button, and in addition a little LCD screen that demonstrates to you what mode the camera is using. The handle likewise has a USB Type-C port and a slot for a microSD card. A tripod screw mount is present at the base.

  • Features:

– User can switch amongst dual and single camera recording

– Has ability to capture 8.4MP still and time-lapse recording at 10FPS

– “4K” 360-degree video catch at 24FPS/1080p at 60FPS

As a part of the dual-lens mode, the Gear 360 gadget can capture video at a resolution promoted as 4K in 24 frames every second (fps), 1080p and above at 60fps and 2K (QHD) at 30fps.

The USP of this camera can be said to be that it can capture video in a complete 360-degrees. The pocket-size build of Samsung’s Gear 360 makes it a more better alternative than the previous year’s model for those on the move, regardless of whether you’re clicking some adoring get-away memories or simply flaunting your surroundings to the world, by means of Facebook Live.

Video is not Gear 360’s sole forte. It can likewise capture still images and time-lapsed recording as well . While decreased from 15MP, as one found in case of the first Gear 360, to 8.4MP, the photos that this camera can produce are said to be quite good, known to be equaled in quality by the best smartphones around that have pretty good cameras.

  • Compatibility:

Gear 360 is compatible with both the Android and iOS supporting devices — to a certain degree. It will just function with the past three generations of Samsung Galaxy phones, beginning the Note 5, S6 and S6 Edge. What’s more, it is compatible with the iPhone 6s and later versions. In the event that you have an Android smartphone that is not Samsung, then its bad luck for you.

An area where Samsung can think about technology updates to make the 360 compatible to other brand phones as well….

  • Performance:

It’s known to be an easy to use camera, even sans your smartphone. Just press the power button, and the camera comes to life with a sound that is best depicted as an air pocket popping. The menu button gives you a chance to switch within the different recording modes, and the camera is fast to snap a photograph or begin recording once you press the button present on its handle.

The debutant Gear 360 was equipped with a dual 15-MP fish-eye , this variant comes with two 8.4-MP fish-eye lenses, which can click photographs at a resolution of 5792 x 2896. That implies you’re might not get images and video that are in the same class as previous, yet for the target audience, they’ll be okay.

When grasping the second-gen Gear 360, you will observe the sewing at the base of the picture; some portion of your fingers and thumb get chopped off. On the off chance that you wish for a more seamless appearing photograph — sans any fingers — you’ll need to utilize a selfie stick.

  • Price:

The Samsung Gear 360 is available in India, in the price range of Rs 19,000- Rs 25,000

  • For:

– Compatible with iOS

– Slender design

– 360 degree video capture capability

  • Against:

– No support for smartphones other than Samsung

– Slight downgrade in features

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