Smartphone Review: OnePlus 6 Pitched Against the Asus ZenFone 5Z

A comparative review of OnePlus6 and the Asus ZenFone 5Z.

With two choices before you in OnePlus 6 and the Asus ZenFone 5Z, which one to buy? Here’s JustInReviews’ attempt to make your job easier with this comparative technology review of these two branded smartphones.

  • Design:

Both the devices score well on account of their glass and metal bodies. They appear premium class, and in the meantime are likewise large fingerprint magnets. What was found to be more ergonomic by the experts was the button arrangement on the OnePlus 6 since the volume rocker lies on the opposite end of the power button, which comes in handy for single hand use. It likewise has an obvious lead in the water resistance aspect as it is designed to sail through light sprinkles of water, while the ZenFone 5Z does not have any kind of dampness protection.



In the event that you are looking for shades like Midnight Black or the latest Red Edition, you’ll have to purchase the 128GB variant, which costs more by almost Rs. 5,000.

In terms of weight, the ZenFone 5Z is found to be lighter and a bit shorter which makes it easier to handle.

  • Screen:

Both the devices have identical 19:9 aspect ratio screens with a similar full-HD+ resolution and a notch located at the top. However, the panels on both these gadgets are quite unique. While OnePlus is using an AMOLED panel on the OnePlus 6, the Asus ZenFone 5Z comes with an IPS LCD screen. There truly is negligible measure of contrast in quality between the two. It’s just that the OnePlus 6 has somewhat more profound blacks.

  • Memory Specifications:

The base models of the two phones come with 6GB RAM and 64GB memory, yet with the OnePlus 6, one can get 8GB RAM in the event that you go for the 128GB model. The two smartphones likewise possess a 8GB RAM and 256GB storage handset, however, a huge contrast in pricing. Asus sells the top end variant for Rs. 36,999 while the OnePlus incurs a cost of Rs. 43,999!

  • Hardware and performance:

OnePlus 6 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC that has so far been assocaited with just the latter (this price segment). This tends to alter with the ZenFone 5Z, as it likewise brandishes precisely the same SoC, which places both the devices on an equivalent footing. The OnePlus 6 still fares with marginally higher scores in a few benchmarks, e.g. AnTuTu, yet with real-time use, it’s almost impossible to really distinguish amongst the two.

The fingerprint sensors on both the devices are anything but difficult to reach, yet authentication takes place in a speedier manner on the OnePlus 6. This is applicable to face recognition as well, which executes a tad quicker on the OnePlus flagship.

  • Cameras:

The OnePlus 6 is known to have a decent framework of cameras. Be that as it may, much the same as with the pricing, the ZenFone 5Z figures out how to overtake the OnePlus 6 in terms of the photograph quality also. In spite of its lower 12-MP resolution contrasted with the 16-MP resolution on the OnePlus 6, the ZenFone 5Z is known to catch somewhat finer details and colours in case of landscapes.

With the major points of difference before you, JustInReviews hopes that making a choice would now be easier for you!

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