Smartwatch Review: The Fossil Gen 3 Q Explorist

The Fossil Gen 3 Q Explorist









  • Attractive Design
  • Optimum Price


  • Lacks NFC
  • Battery Life

This technology review from JustInReviews is dedicated to the Fossil Gen 3 Q Explorist. Guessed it right, we are talking about a smartwatch.

Owing to the much-enhanced Android Wear 2.0 and the infusion of some truly necessary style after the emergence of conventional watchmakers such as Fossil into the market, it merits looking past Apple’s technological timekeepers.

What does the Fossil Q Explorist have to offer you then? Let’s have a closer look…

  • Style factor:

At first look you could without much of a stretch mix up the Fossil Q Explorist for a customary mechanical watch. Made from stainless steel, it includes a case that is 46mm across. An indented bezel goes around the exterior of the roundabout AMOLED display, which is tolerantly free of the punctured tire impact that tormented older Android Wear watches.

The bezel is not movable, yet there’s a pivoting crown on the right hand side, supported by two buttons. The case happens to be 12.5mm thick and one can connect standard 22mm straps.

The gadget is additionally heavy in nature. Subsequent to removing one to two links, the weight can go up to 166 grams (5.85oz). Just to place that in context, the iPhone 8 weighs 148g (5.22oz). So, it can become a tad uncomfortable at times.

The touchscreen display is known to be bright and can be read with ease under many conditions. It has 454 x 454 pixel sharpness, and a perfect round — there happens to be no cut-out section at the base. It’s responsive, likewise, however, typing on this sized display is said to be a not good experience.


  • Performance:

Within the Fossil Q Explorist, there’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor supported by a 512MB RAM. The functioning is said to be silky smooth for the most part and it’s quite quick to stack applications and games. Contrasted with older smartwatches, it’s quick, contrasted with a flagship phone, or the latest technology Apple Watch, it feels somewhat slow paced. The Wear 2100 processor is somewhat dated now, and we truly hope to see another chipset in the near future.

Being an Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch, this one will by default track your activities by means of Google Fit, so you can come up with daily objectives, keep a track of steps climbed and calories consumed, and record exercise sessions. Being IP67 rated, so there’s no compelling reason to fear rain and you can wear your Fossil Q Explorist in the shower or amid a short swim on the off chance that you truly need to.

You have around two preloaded games on the Fossil Q Explorist, however, they’re said to be of no use. It’s difficult to envision why you would play them – perhaps if your smartphone was inaccessible. There’s likewise a flashlight alternative that illuminates the watch face and standard features like contacts, alarm and stopwatch.

One is surprised to discover an enhanced battery life. Apparently, the Fossil Q Explorist was really accomplishing all the more, so the thing that battery life increased with the Xperia, throws light on an issue with the iPhone connection.

The December technology update to Android 8.0 Oreo for Android Wear conveyed a few improvements to battery life, with more control over application alarms and enhanced background limits. There’s additionally a battery saver option now, however it diminishes vibrations, network, and some different bits and pieces. Indeed, even with the update, every day charging is a need.

  • Pairing with iOS:

On the off chance that you have an iPhone, at that point you’ll get majority notifications on your Fossil Q Explorist, however, you won’t have the capacity to follow up on them. You can’t answer to text messages or take calls, for instance. You need to keep the Android Wear application open at the back, and if not the iPhone, will much of the time disconnected. Yet, to top it all off, the battery life was said to be unsatisfactory.

  • Warranty and Price:

Fossil comes with a limited 2 year warranty that covers material or workmanship related defects. It doesn’t include your strap, any accidental harm or water induced damage.

The price of Fossil Q Explorist is in the vicinity of Rs 20,000.

All in all, even with its shortcomings, one can say that the Fossil Q Explorist contrasts positively and whatever is left of the field. It can be said to be amongst, if not the best choice, for men looking for value without trading off on the style quotient.

JustInReviews will keep bringing to you, smartphone reviews as well. Do check them out.

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