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A detailed review of Sony RX10

Moving on to the world of cameras, here is the technology review of the Sony RX10 camera, from JustInReviews.

  • Introducing the Sony RX10:

The RX10 happens to be a bridge camera, yet not in the conventional sense. Where most bridge cameras make due with large zoom lenses attached to compact camera size sensors, the RX10 has top of the line high-end latest technology in terms of the lens, a big sensor and a few other advanced touches. After all, it has a sticker price to look up to.

  • Design:

The camera body itself hosts a magnesium alloy lens barrel and a top plate, with whatever is left of the body contained of a sturdy polycarbonate. The blend of the two materials brings about a genuine quality finish, the RX10 feeling assuringly solid.

Rest of the controls are logically set and guarantee that the RX10 awes in operation. The same is valid in case of the camera’s menus. With it following a correspondingly effective design to rest of the Sony cameras.

The component of this gadget’s design that truly sets it out as a bridge camera is the model’s big projecting lens. As you’d anticipate from a 8.3x zoom with a constant f/2.8 aperture, the lens itself is quite big, despite the fact that it’s not specifically bulky.

As you’d expect from a camera with such a top of the line specification, Sony has provided the RX10, a top of the line finish to look up to.

  • Features:

The key features of this camera consist of the following:

– Optical zoom (8.3x) i.e. 24-200mm

– Video with a resolution of 1080p full HD

20.2MP, 1-inch Exmor R CMOS sensor

Constant f/2.8 aperture across the focal range

– 3 inch LCD with 1.22m-dot tiltable.

  • Picture Quality and Performance:

With a 20.2MP resolution, blended with the 1-inch physical size of the sensor, imply that the RX10 settles a great measure of detail. At the base ISO settings the measure of detail resolved is up there with a DSLR, and even as the ISO expands the level of detail is said to have been inspiring. Customer reviews also tend to point in the same direction.

The same holds true with regards to how the RX10 handles commotion at the higher ISO settings. You can securely shoot up to ISO 800 with next to no proof of noise and even at ISO 1,600 commotion isn’t generally a noteworthy issue.

Noise becomes more prominent at ISO 3,200, and in spite of the fact that noise reduction hides its outward presentation overwhelming luminance noise reduction brings about picture softening. Notwithstanding, this is less of an issue in case you’re glad to shoot Raw, and while shooting Raw you can certainly shoot up to ISO 12,800.

The RX10 is known to likewise awe with its colours, conveying pictures with a satisfying tone and that are all around saturated. The programmed white adjust is likewise said to be reliable, figuring out how to adapt admirably to a large group of various lighting circumstances.

In case you’re a keen videographer then you’ll be satisfied to hear that the RX10 likewise gives some noteworthy performance with regards to catching moving pictures. The Full HD video capture is offered at different variations of frame rates, while the f/2.8 max. aperture is most helpful while shooting a video.

The actual boon is the support for both earphones for audio checking and an external microphone; 2 features that are regularly the safeguard of the DSLR or advanced CSC market.

  • Price:

The Sony RX10 costs Rs 63,000 onwards…

  • Pros:

– SLR resembling body sans the hassle of changing lenses

– Weather-sealed

– Performance known to be swift

Constant f/2.8 maximum aperture

  • Cons:

– Costlier with respect to other bridge cameras

– Menus known to respond slowly post burst shooting

– Lens lacks in zooming speed

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