Sony WH-1000XM2: Reviewing The Wireless Headphones

Sony WH-1000XM2


Build Quality


Battery Life



  • Good Touch Control
  • Great sound
  • Effective noise


  • High price

Handling the Sony WH-1000XM2 wireless headphones.

Wired seems to have been a thing of the past. Wireless is trending! Keeping this in mind, JustInReviews is here with the technology review of these wireless headphones from none other than Sony. They are the Sony WH-1000XM2.

  • Design:

The bridge is made from metal having a soft cushioned base that sits easily on your head. It’s secured with what appears to be a top quality faux leather for the maximum portion, with a delicate touch to it. The ear-cups look cozy and can be worn through extended utility. While they seem somewhat overwhelming, they can yet be worn over long stretches without stressing your head or neck.

One would choose calling the design ‘business-class’, as it is uniform, minimal and compliments the buyers Sony is focusing on. It is available in just two colours – black and gold – and past an engraved Sony logo over each ear-cup, they can be called absolutely nondescript.

At the base, there happens to be an auxiliary jack on the left side cup and a microUSB port on the right side for charging. That seems to be the most ideal positioning for both.

Sony WH-1000XM2

There are only two buttons on the headphones, residing at the base of the left earcup. One amongst them is for Power/Bluetooth and other hosts noise cancellation settings – On, Off and Ambient Mode.

With regards to the design flaws of the gadget, the first can be called the arms of the headphone (the piece of material that links the earcups to the bridge) are comprised of plastic. So are the pivots that associate the earcups to the arms. This isn’t probably going to lead to any issues, according to the handlers. However, it appears like a conceivable weak point and can succumb if in case extreme force is applied.

Also, it is being said that using the touch controls could be difficult in the beginning. However, the major one happens to be- connect the provided 3.5mm cable to your smartphone and the touch controls will stop to function. This implies you’ll need to pull out your phone when you wish to change the music, an issue that could’ve been evaded had Sony picked a more conventional control framework, similar to an in-line microphone.

  • Utility:

The Sony WH1000XM2 are said to be sufficiently steady for a light run or a jog, yet many won’t feel them to be the desired headphones for exercising or working out. Their wireless framework and somewhat tight fit make them more steady and less likely to tumble off your head on the grounds that the sound cable got stuck on something. Notwithstanding, since the ear cups are moderately heavy and protrude out a bit, they will likely sway a great deal contingent upon the intensity of your workout schedule.

  • Battery performance:

Sony states that the battery life extends up to 30 hours – a claim that appeared to remain true all through the testing process. Over a four days duration, while the headphones were undergoing testing, they required a recharge just once – which would bode well if every day had around eight hours of listening duration.

That is around 10 hours more as compared to the Bose QuietComfort 35 when utilized in a wireless manner and 10 hours lesser than the Bose utilized under the wired mode.

The quick charge, that pumps around 75 minutes worth of playback into the gadget with only a short 10-minute charge. It’s convenient for the days when you neglected to charge your headphones and need to head outdoors.

  • Connectivity:

The Sony WH-1000Xm2 are equivalent to the MDR-1000x as far as connection options go. They are Bluetooth enabled that accompany a standard audio cable sans an inline remote. This implies lack of a microphone that stands compatible with consoles yet you can simply utilize them wired for sound with your Xbox or PS4 controllers. Latency, be that as it may, is somewhat worse with this model than on the past one, yet the line of sight range is said to be better.

  • Sound quality:

Noise canceling headphones, in nature, for the most part don’t sound great. It’s difficult to explain why precisely that is, but since so much hardware is required to be packed into such a modest space, noise-canceling headphones as a rule, don’t sound great.

However surprisingly, the Sony WH-1000XM2 is known to be a respectable sounding pair of shut back over-ear headphones. They are told to have a decent, consistent, and profound bass, with satisfactory pound and punch. They additionally are told to have a decent mid-range, and an almost flat and treble range that is neutral, which is critical for a balanced vocal reproduction and lead instruments. Be that as it may, their bass tends to sound somewhat sloppy and jumbled, and their treble does not have a touch of airiness. Contrasted with the MDR-1000X, they have a marginally forward sound and enhanced imaging and distortion execution, however the distinction won’t be detectable to the majority. Likewise, in case of majority other headphones, they don’t possess big and speaker-resembling sound-stage.

  • Pricing:

The headphones are available in India for approx. Rs. 30, 990.

  • Pros:

– Top noise-cancellation quality

– Battery life worth 30 hours

– Stable

  • Cons:

– Touch controls stop working post 3.5mm cable connection

– Hinges reported to be fragile

– Not suitable for making calls

Hope that you got an insight into the Sony WH-1000XM2 wireless headphones.

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