Tech Review: Decoding the Fire TV From Amazon

Fire TV







  • Slim Design
  • HDR Support
  • Good price


  • Volume control missing from remote

Amazon Fire TV, a detailed review.

Shifting attention from smartphones and PCs, JustInReviews is going to review this interesting product called Amazon Fire TV, as a part of this technology review.

The Amazon Fire TV latest version accompanies a new redesign, in addition to support for 4K HDR content and Dolby Atmos soundtracks.

  • Exteriors:

Amazon Fire TV 4K is reduced to a fourth of its past size. Earlier it was a set top box equal to the size of two stacked CD jewel cases, however now it’s more similar to a pile of cheddar crackers. Amazon has returned to glossy plastic for the top surface of the Fire TV. That will be a dust and fingerprint magnet, however, it is concealed so you’ll likely never view it, post setting it up.

Power supply has been transformed from mains to microUSB, yet don’t think that it implies you can run it off your TV – it demands you utilize the provided mains adapter. It’s a similar case with the Google Chromecast Ultra. Using a mains piece invalidates the point of shrinking the size of the box. This is what some would think. Meanwhile, the Roku Streaming Stick Plus can keep running off any old USB port.


Amazone Fire TV

The new Fire TV comes with a small HDMI cable that comes out, which facilitates to get into more tight frameworks, e.g. wall mounted TVs. That’s where Amazon scores over the Roku Streaming Stick Plus, which possesses a rigid structure factor and an HDMI connector that is unbending.

The remote appears seen before with the right number of buttons. They appear to be neatly laid out as well.

  • User Interface:

The interface is said to be clear and simple to utilize, and on account of the boosted hardware inside, the Fire TV feels smooth when being used too.

Everything appears laid out clearly, and possessing a UI rates it over the Chromecast, which needs you to launch applications from your phone.

The interface functions in a similar manner to the Apple TV, which is significantly more costly. The Amazon Fire TV is known to offer content from a wide scope of services in a clear and appealing way.

  • Features:

The quad-core processor appears to have been marginally downsized, from 2GHz to 1.5GHz, yet functionally, one doesn’t see a major difference. Amazon fire has 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory. Gone is the facility to include your own particular memory card.

The highlight feature can be called the capacity to yield video in Ultra HD 4K at 60fps, in addition to high dynamic range. The new variant has got an HDMI 2.0.

Comes with a Dolby Atmos sound. All things considered, there happens to be Dolby Digital Plus, which streaming services can make use of to provide Atmos on the off chance that they wish to. So far there’s very little Atmos to be heard anyplace.

It does not have an in-built ethernet, however, Amazon offers an adapter at a price to serve the purpose.

In addition, there happens to be a dual-band 802.11AC Wi-Fi.

Similarly to the as of late launched non-4K Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon has incorporated its Alexa voice assistant. She can be activated by holding down the microphone button present on the remote.

  • Performance:

4K appears sharp and HDR is said to look lush. Non 4K pictures don’t appear artificially sharpened, and on the other hand, non-SDR images are not coercively upscaled to HDR.

The Fire TV looks to be snappy, as well. Menus move along as fast as one is physically able to click. Even the max resolution video buffering takes place speedily, notwithstanding when loading video in 4K and HDR formats. It’s additionally a stable association – testers did not encounter any dropouts during testing.

In case of HDR pictures one does notice at first a little shading banding, yet there happens to be a settings option to alter between 8/10/12bit colour.

Integration of Alexa is said to function quite well in case of movies, as well. You can command her to rewind by 10 seconds and there she goes. Considerably less demanding than faffing with the rewind button and overshooting to the beginning of the movie.

  • Pricing:

The Amazon Fire TV device was launched at a price of Rs. 3999.

  • In favor:

– HDR along with 4K

– Operation known to be snappy

– User friendly UI

  • Going against:

– Sans Now TV

– Priority for Amazon content

– No option for bundled AC adapter

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With this, we come to the end of this product review from JustInReviews.

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