Ticwatch Pro Review: It’s Dual Screen Technology For You!

Ticwatch Pro







  • Innovative screen
  • Premium design


  • No LTE

Exploring the Dual Screen Technology Ticwatch Pro.

A smartwatch is what we are going to talk about in this technology review from JustInReviews. ‘Ticwatch Pro‘ is what it is called.

  • On the Design front:

The design highlights of this android watch can be said to be the following:

– It is an IP68 waterproof, yet not meant for the pool use.

– Appears to have a more premium quality, top-end design as compared to the earlier Ticwatch variants

– Said to have a handy strap design that blends both silicone and leather in terms of the material used


  • Screen, sorry its Screens!

It’s not a single screen over here. The Ticwatch Pro has two screens stacked over each other!

The screen below measures a 1.39-inch, 400 x 400 pixel OLED screen that display’s Google’s Wear OS, and at the top of it is situated a unique FSTN- Film compensated Super Twisted Nematic LCD screen that displays the usual information you’d hope to find on Wear OS’s Ambient display. It tends to do as such while sipping in power, instead of swallowing it. At the point when utilized together in a typical way, one cannot identify that there are two screens. They appear to be independent and not affecting each other. You are left to believe that it’s a solitary screen creating magic.

Thanks to the dual-screen latest technology.

  • Hardware Specifications and Performance:

Specification highlights:

– Comes with a 4GB of internal memory

– The watch is powered by a Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip-set with 512MB of RAM

– Currently, a LTE connection is absent, but it is said to soon appear in the newer version

For tuning in to your songs, you do have the option to connect to Bluetooth earphones – the pairing was found to be instant and easy with the association reported to be reliable. It makes use of 512MB of RAM, and keeping in mind that it might sound insufficient in theory, it’s sufficient to keep this watch working including both its Smartwatch and Essential modes.

  • Battery Specifications:

– Users found the Android wear to last for two days in the form of a smartwatch.

– As claimed by Mobvoi, the Essential mode can go up to 30 days.

– Comes with more restricted Essential mode using the LCD displays

  • Fitness Tracking:

Precision was found to be in-accordance with rest of the heart rate monitors, comprising of the Apple watch. In comparison with an Apple Watch, the step count in this case looks like it is overestimated. The Mobvoi watch was at that point at 480 steps with the Apple Watch being 320. The Apple Watch’s step counter is equivalent to rest of the fitness trackers, and we think of it as precise.

  • Price:

The Ticwatch Pro android watch can be purchased in India at a price of almost Rs. 20600.

  • Pros:

– Equipped with the latest dual-screen technology

– Battery life worth 2-3 days

– Premium quality design

  • Cons:

– LTE connection currently absent

– Performance said to be a bit slow

– Manly design

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