Top 5 Utility Power Banks For Your Smartphones In 2018

In this technology review from JustInReviews, we are going to introduce you to the list of top 5 utility power banks for your latest Smartphones.

Power banks have turned into essential gadgets in the present times. So, it is better to own one, that is

really good.

top 5 bank

Get to know about them, at a glance!

  1. Intex power bank:

Lower costs, high performance and attractive designs are associated with this brand.

  • Specification:

It has easy to use one-touch button for all its functions. Also, an LED light to demonstrate the level of charging. One micro USB port for input or charging purposes and two USB output ports.

  • Charging power:

Upon full charge, it can charge 2-3 smartphones having 3000-4000 mAH battery. Self charging requires 8-10 hours.

  • Performance:

Offers output charging with 5V/2.1A. Charging of two gadgets is possible at a time. Using its 3 charging ports, one can charge three devices at one time.

– Pros:                                               – Cons:

– Single functional button              – Heavy

– Good design

  1. Ipro 10400 mAh Power Bank:

  • Specifications:

This one has 10400 mAH power and costs under Rs 1000 With a decent design and two colour options in black and white can fit in the pocket easily.

  • Performance:

For optimum performance, 9-10 hours of self charging is required. A typical for this category of power banks. Simultaneous charging of 3 devices with 2 USB ports. The 3 USB ports, having current of 2A, 2A, 1A, and 5V. 2 ports with high yield current provide you quick charging yet you may encounter some warming while charging multiple gadgets.

– Pros:                                      – Cons:

– Handy design                        – Tends to heat

– 2 quick charging ports

  1. Lenovo PA13000”

  • Performance:

With 13000 mAH of power, a complete charge of this bank can charge 4 Android phones with 3000-3500 mAH capacity. It has 2 USB ports.

Both output USBs yield 2.1 A current each, the charging is extremely quick. Input self-charging is additionally quick, does not take lot of time in complete charge if charged through the correct adaptor.

Consists of other security features such as protection from overcharging and overheating.

– Pros:                                                                 – Cons:

– Light weight and small in size                      -Fast charging only through proper adaptor

– Heating and overcharging protection

– Branded product

  1. 11000 mAh from Philips

  • Specifications:

It comes with a one-touch button for all its functions. What’s more, a LED display, with 25, 50, 75, 100% to demonstrate the charging level. One basic micro USB port for charging or input. In addition, three USB output ports.

  • Charging power:

2-3 smartphones with 3000-4000 mAH capacity can be charged with a full charge of the bank. Self charging asks for 8-10 hours of self charging.

  • Performance:

As far as performance, it supplies charging with 5V/1A. 3 devices can be charged at any given moment. Be that as it may, one flaw is that a high charging output port is missing. It gives only 1A yield.

It comes with a LED light, that appears dim.

– Pros:                                      – Cons:

– High on performance          – Bit heavy

– 3 output charging port        – High charging output port missing

– Light weight

  1. Ambrane 10000 mAh:

  • Specifications:

Comes with a one-touch button for all the operations. LED notifications for displaying the charging level. An in-built rotatable torch light is also present.

  • Charging power:

Having functions such as Input-Output overvoltage protection, temperature resistance, Protection from Short Circuit, Overcharge, Overdischarge and Incorrect insertion, Output Overcurrent etc. is appropriate for regular usage.

  • Performance:

As far as performance goes, it is known to perform really good, furnish high-yield charging of three 5V/2.1A, ports. It by default alters the power output as per the need of the gadgets. It happens to be one of the innovative features.

– Pros:                                          – Cons:

– Quick charging                          – Built quality said to be fragile

– Light in weight

– 3 output ports with high power

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