Top 5 Routers For 2018 : For Reliable and Safe Internet Access

Nowadays you can get anything you want with the help of the internet facility and the direct access link it provides. It is possible to connect to the internet from wherever you are with the help of Wi-Fi routers. Here are five best routers for 2018 reviewed by JustInReviews.

  • D-Link DSL-2750U :

The most important thing you need to consider about buying a wireless router like the data transfer rate and maximum range of the signal with various ports features and control options. This router has all the desirable qualities which are quite costly. This is not just a router but is also an ADSL modem. It is supported by BSNL, Airtel, Tata Indicom, and Reliance. This provides immense data transfer speed rate. It has advanced security features as well and this is the best option for you.dlinkdsl2750u

  • NETGEAR WNR614 :

There are lots of applications that can be used from the Internet. Gaming is quite preferred entertainment on the internet by most of the folks. It needs fast, stable connection and must be quite reliable. Here is where this router comes into the picture. This router does not provide a lag session to the user at the time of gaming. This router also has a stable dual firewall connection. You can also enjoy playing multiplayer games with the help of Exposed Host (DMZ) function.


  • TP-LINK TL-WR841N Wireless Router :

This device has a connection speed up to 300 megabits per second irrespective of the number of devices connected via Wi-Fi. All the digital gadgets and electronic devices can be connected to this router. Its design is not very much unique. It has rounded edges with white in appearance. This router has two external unremovable antennas. It helps to transmit signal without any disturbance. It also has ventilation holes, therefore, the motherboard doesn’t have an overheating problem. It has an internal memory of 32 MB for firmware and data and is powered by 550 MHz processor. It does not have a USB port and therefore a cable connection is required for firmware.


  • D-Link DIR- 600M :

This device has good functionality and reasonable data transmission speed. The speed it offers is 150 megabits per second when the router is connected via internet cable. The built-in processor is the reason behind the speed with an external antenna. It has an adjustable antenna but it cannot be removed. It is composed of high-quality plastic. It is also soil resistant. Ventilation is there to avoid overheating and there is an indicator to indicate the same. All the connected devices will get a stable internet operation. This works well in small rooms and provides a better transmission signal.


  • Tenda N301 :

This device is easy to install and operate by any layman when compared to other devices with complex circuits. You also need to check the proverbial boxes and the important aspects of a router like speed and security will not be compromised. The task is accomplished by a majority of people who use this router when compared to other routers. It has built-in firewall protection.


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