Vivo Nex Review: Latest Entry Into The Bezel Free Arena!

Vivo Nex









  • In-display fingerprint sensor
  • Eye-catching camera
  • wired audio


  • No wireless charging
  • No IP rating

One more from the bezel free category. Presenting you the Vivo Nex phone review.

It’s time to get back to brand Vivo. The company has returned with the ‘Nex’ this time, and we would be reviewing the device under our smartphone reviews.

The Vivo Nex appears to bring a considerable measure differently, and it’s an exciting looking phone for a reason. It’s as of now just affirmed to be on sale in China, yet in the event that it is launched around the rest of the globe, it will create a big rivalry for the likes of Apple and Samsung.

  • Externals:

One needs to praise Vivo for not going with the herd and bringing in a notch on its ‘bezel-less’ device, as rather it’s settled on an assortment of new technology to accomplish an unbelievable 91.24% ratio in terms of the screen-to-body ratio.

The phone’s design incorporates a glass rear with bended edges, which implies that it can be placed in the hand comfortably. We don’t right now know whether it possesses a Gorilla Glass protection or not. This one is a big phone, yet thinking of it as has a just about 6.6-inch screen it’s anything but difficult to hold in one hand. Carrying a weight of 199g it cannot be termed as the lightest device available.

  • Screen:

The Vivo Nex hosts a big 6.59-inch Full HD+ AMOLED panel inside a chasis that is just a smidge bigger than the 6-inch Pixel 2 XL. For a phone as large as this, it is reported to be managable, with almost no bezel surrounding the top three sides and just a little chin beneath the screen (1.71 mm towards the sides, 2.16mm at the top and 5mm underneath the screen). The screen is told to offerall of the normal OLED benefits, such as deep blacks, rich colours and a continuously-on display.

  • Cameras:

The primary cameras on the Nex happen to be a 12MP f/1.8 sensor having 1.4-micron pixels and a 5MP f/2.4 lens having both optical image stabilization (OIS) plus the electronic image stabilization (EIS). It comes with AI features like that of some other gadgets, which means the camera will go about doing settings optimization to click what it perceives to be the best shot as you’re shooting specific objects.

Vivo is known to have stuffed in heaps of features here as well, including a beauty mode, panaromas and AI filters that will function likewise to Snapchat.

  • Battery:

In spite of its noteworthy 4,000mAh unit, battery life isn’t said to be Nex’s strong point. Excess usage days asked for a top up in the evening, something that one would not expect, on a 4,000mAh device.

  • Processor and storage:

On the inside, the Vivo Nex has got a top version Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, which is similar to the one found in various other flagship gadgets this year. One hopes to see it perform well in this Vivo device as well.

It ought to, as it’s supported with an 8GB of RAM. Storage capacity wise, you might feel heartbroken to know that there’s no microSD card slot, the brand has instead offered 256GB of memory on the phone itself as the standard configuration, so, most purchasers ought to have more than sufficient space.

  • Software:

Vivo’s FunTouch O.S. is called app drawer-less and inspired to a great degree form the iOS. There are a great deal of default Chinese applications which most outsiders would immediately get rid of, and there is no Google Play Store or Google applications out of the crate.

  • Pricing:

The launch price of the Vivo Nex in India is said to be set to around Rs. 45,000.

  • In favor:

– Unique bezel-less design

– Fingerprint scanner within display

– Said to be good on performance

  • Going against:

– China-only release at this point of time

– Battery performance not up to the mark

– No wireless charging

Buyers would have to wait for sometime, till the phone arrives in India.

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