Xbox One S: An Inside Out Review

Xbox One S




Gaming Console



  • Both HDR and 4K Streaming
  • Physical Footprint Greatly Reduced


  • Kinect Requires An Adapter
  • 4K Gaming Is Restricted To Upscaling

JustInReviews brings to you the Xbox One S, as a part of its technology review. Let’s get on with it….

  • Introduction:

Three years after the arrival of the original Xbox One, Microsoft launched an refreshed variant of the console, the Xbox One S.

This one appears smaller, it runs quieter, however its most fascinating advancement is its resolution which has been upgraded from HD to Ultra HD, otherwise known as 4K.

  • Exterior:

The Xbox One S defies what one thought was conceivable, combining a monstrous power supply and an extensive 2TB hard drive into a frame two-fifths the span of the first – or 17 x 11.4 x 4.4 inches (L x B x D) on the off chance that you need to know specifics.

There are a couple of physical buttons instead of capacitive touch buttons for power and eject on the console face, and the sync and USB 3.0 ports have been brought from the side of the gadget to the lower half of the front face.

Around the back, you’ll see an HDMI In port that enables you to connect to a cable box, an HDMI Out that is HDMI 2.0a/HDCP 2.2, two Super Speed USB ports and S/PDIF and ethernet ports. There’s an IR blaster on the front of the console that enables you to turn on other gadgets, similar to your TV, audio/video receiver and satellite/cable box.

The main thing missing is that standard port for Kinect.


  • Performance:

As a Blu-ray player, the Xbox One S performs on the levels of other consoles. There is an optional media remote that is sold independently on the off chance that you need to utilize a more customary remote control, else you’ll be utilizing the standard game-pad to control a film playback.

Images are known to look reasonably stunning, and the interface straightforward and simple to explore and navigate.

The most significant upgrade in this Microsoft latest technology is the graphical one – 4K . The Xbox One S can either upgrade all content to 3,840 x 2,160 for users, or you can leave that to your TV.

Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube and US-exclusives Vudu and Hulu all have 4K renditions of their applications accessible on the Xbox One Store, which should encompass the greater part of your streaming requirements.

The new technology worth mentioning here is the Cortana, a current addition to Xbox One that works comparably to Siri on iOS, tvOS and OSX or OK Google on Android gadgets. Cortana can handle commands like “Pull up my achievements” or “Invite my friend Dave to a party”.

On the games front:

As you may envision, games appear better on a 4K resolution – regardless of the possibility that it’s accomplished by upconversion rather than through native 4K read-through.

  • Cost:

You can purchase Microsoft Xbox One S (1TB) in India for approx. ₹50336

  • Likes:

– Both HDR and 4K streaming

– Physical footprint greatly reduced

– HDR gaming

  • Dislikes:

– Kinect requires an adapter

– 4K gaming is restricted to upscaling

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