Xiaomi Mi TV 4 Review: Features And Price In India

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  • Attractive Design
  • Value for money


  • Reflective screen

JustInReviews comes with its product review of the much speculated Xiaomi Mi TV 4.

With several television brands in India trying to create a mark on the big screen market, Xiaomi has now launched their Mi TV 4 in India. The Xiaomi product is absolutely a value for money offering.

Xiaomi’s Mi TVs are TVs in the name just. In fact, Xiaomi often mentioned about the lack of content partnerships as the primary reason for not getting their TVs to India. But now they are here, starting with the Mi TV 4.

The Mi TV 4 is an interesting device with its parts and a new Xiaomi. It yet makes good products, but without the wow factor. The Mi TV would be competitive, but cannot say, how life-changing.

  • The Red Dot award :

Yes, this a television which won the Red Dot Award a few times back. It’s as slim as the slimmest TVs available in the market. At 4.9mm, it’s basically only a screen, with thickening near the bottom to fit the ports and internal architecture.

It is meant to be wall mounted but you do get a stand with this one. The frame is slim to give the feel of more impact.

In short, the Mi TV 4 is premium for its price. But just like LeEco televisions, it appears better in pictures.

You might not be disappointed with the design, but also not to be blown away either.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4

  • Ports :

With 3 HDMI and USB ports each, the Mi TV offers ample connectivity options. There is an ethernet port, in case the WiFi not working for you. Though there is ample port support, the placement is somewhat problematic.

It’s not really a big concern, but a slight misstep which several might not like. For set-top-boxes and consoles that need not be disconnected often, it’s a one-time hassle.

  • Watching content on the Mi TV :

To mention, Xiaomi’s televisions are content delivery systems. The TV is just another venture for the company to extend its ecosystem. The television runs on Xiaomi’s PatchWall user interface, which serves content based on what you watch.

As per records, Xiaomi says that Prime Video and Hotstar would be added soon. Yet, the TV doesn’t have an app store, so you can’t add additional apps.

  • Why does this matter?

The UI is integral to a smart TV, much more than in phones. The TV is a visual experience, from top to bottom. If it doesn’t seem good, it doesn’t feel good. It’s an incredibly fast UI, but that’s about all there is to it.

  • Picture Quality :

It is expected that Xiaomi’s devices to be closer to flagship class. In that respect, the Mi TV is far from offerings from Sony, LG or Samsung. Yet, it’s a great TV for the price, I’m warning you against setting your expectations too high.

Colours and contrast are decent. But, it’s nothing like the Samsung QLEDs and a far stretch from OLED TVs from Sony and LG.

Overall, the Mi TV 4 is certainly a good television. With its value proposition that goes incrementally at Rs 39,999, this is undoubtedly one of the most value for money offerings there in the market.

  • Audio Quality :

For small to medium-sized rooms, the audio quality is good enough. Audio isn’t very detailed, good for watching TV in general. The TV flaunts Dolby audio, but the settings do not make a big difference.

  • Remote and Usability :

The best offer a single remote and so also does the Mi TV 4, but it is an unfinished system.

Xiaomi’s appears and feels the same as Amazon’s FireTV remote, but comes with a volume controller too.

If you’re willing to buy this TV, you need to buy a couple of AAA batteries beforehand. Interestingly, Xiaomi doesn’t give batteries with this television.

  •  Conclusion:

The Xiaomi Mi TV 4 is a good television for the price. The Mi TV 4 doesn’t flash, which is not a problem, as long as your expectations are in check.

  • Pros:

– Slim and attractive

-Excellent money value

-Sufficient port support

-Plays 4K at 60Hz natively

  • Cons:

-No screen uniformity

-Contrast ratio would have been better

That was all about the product review about Xiaomi Mi TV 4. JustInReviews is an ideal place for product ratings, and review about latest technology and gadgets.

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